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If you are going plant based, this is a MUST

December 03, 2015

From the day we received this we have used it every day --for dessert treat! It is AMAZING! We are buying one for each of our three kids and their families. It has made our new diet the easiest ever. I'm still in complete wonderment as to how it manages to transform fresh frozen fruit into a creamy like ice cream?!
One of the best purchases ever.

~ Doria G

super Impressed

December 03, 2015

I bought this because my husband is always wanting to get the newest latest gadget. I firgured it would just be junk. WOW I was so wrong. I love it! I have been doing the same thing in an old fashion blender-never again. This is so smooth and creamy. Unbelievably delicious This is a super invention.

~ Sandra R