Yonanas Split
Yonanas Split

Strawberry, chocolate, and pineapple yonanas with all your favorite toppings sandwiched between slices of banana! A guilt-free, dairy-free version of the classic banana split!

Watch our video on how to make this treat HERE.



  1. Make all three Yonanas recipes: Strawberry Yonanas, Pineapple Yonanas & Chocolate Yonanas
  2. In a banana split dish, add one scoop of Strawberry Yonanas, one scoop of Pineapple Yonanas and one scoop of Chocolate Yonanas
  3. Top Strawberry Yonanas with thawed strawberries, that have been thawed in their own natural juices
  4. Top Pineapple Yonanas with your favorite chopped nuts
  5. Top Chocolate Yonanas with chocolate sauce
Serves: 2