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Virgin Yonanas Pina Colada Surprise

Note:  All ingredients must be allowed to thaw 1-2 minutes.

Step 1:  1- can organic Coconut Milk mixed with 2 tsps. of Truvia and divded into ice cube trays.  Place in freezer.

Step 2:  Once frozen add 4 to 6 Coconut Milk ice cubes (preference of coconut flavor strength), 1 Frozen Organic banana, 4 to 6 Large 1″ square chunks of frozen organic pineapple (prefrence of pineapple flavor strength).

Step 3:  Once all ingredients have been Yonana’d (did I just make that up?), then mix them all together for a cool, refreshing tropical treat!

Recipe submitted by:  Marcie (Mom) and Aja (Daughter) Bell

This recipe is even creamier than most due to the addition of the Coconut Milk.  If looking for a “lighter” recipe, you can purchase cans of “Lite” Organic Milk.