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Tropical Coconut Yonanas



I use the bagged frozen fruit you can buy at sams or walmart that has strawberries,peaches,pineapple and mango…One banana and a cup of the mixed fruit and top it with some coco-lopez canned coconut puree..I keep the coconut in the freezer but it does not freeze so I just add a little to the fruit after processing and mix it in…nice and fruity with a tropical flavor…very refreshing! This processor is amazing it took my wife about 3 months to talk me into buying it,because it looked like a gimmick and could not believe it would make fruit into an ice cream style dessert. I was so wrong and even though I love ice cream, this is far better and does not leave you thirsty like ice cream does but satisfies and increases your energy level! – Submitted by:  Robert Smith