Red White & Blue Yonanas Cake
Red White & Blue Yonanas Cake

Feeling patriotic as we layer raspberry, coconut & blueberry yonanas recipes into one fun filled frozen cake.



  1. Make all three Yonanas recipes: Raspberry Yonanas, Coconut Yonanas & Blueberry Yonanas
  2. Scoop Red Yonanas into a cake mold (plastic rectangular or round container can serve as a cake mold)
  3. With an offset spatula spread Red Yonanas evenly into the mold
  4. Scoop White Yonanas into cake mold, on top of Red Yonanas and spread into an even layer
  5. Scoop Blue Yonanas into cake mold on top of White Yonanas and spread into an even layer
  6. Cover and freeze for a minimum of four hours or overnight
  7. To remove from mold, run warm water around the outside of the cake mold. Uncover and set a plate on top of cake/container and flip over. Gently remove mold. Allow cake to thaw a few minutes before slicing to serve.
Serves: 8