Kiwi Pineapple Strawberry YoPops

Kiwi Pineapple Strawberry Yonanapops Recipe


Strawberry Yonanas 

Pineapple Yonanas

Kiwi  Sorbet



1 )    Pipe Strawberry Yonanas into Yonanapop molds filling 1/3 of the mold.

2 )   Fill Second layer 1/3 full with Pineapple Yonanas

3 )   Top with Kiwi Yonanas to fill the rest of the molds

4 )    Gently tap filled Yonanapop molds on counter-top to release air bubbles

5 )    Place tops securely into the molds & freeze overnight

6 )    To release Yonanapops, tip the molds on its side and run the molds under warm water for 10 seconds and YoPops should remove easily. 


Scoop Yonanas into a pastry bag with round tip or a freezer bag (If using a freezer bag cut tip of corner after filling with Yonanas)

Enjoy yonanas vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free banana ice cream recipes made with 100% fruit.