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Dragon Fruit Yonanas
Dragon Fruit Yonanas


  • 1 over-ripe frozen banana, cut in half
  • 1 cup frozen red flesh dragon fruit chunks, divided
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple chunks, divided. Ingredients Indulgent
  • Dragon fruit Yonanas
  • Waffle cone bowls
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Candy sprinkles (optional)
  • Coconut (optional)


  1. Insert 1 banana half
  2. Add 1/2 cup dragon fruit
  3. Add 1/4 cup pineapple chunks
  4. Slowly press contents through machine with plunger
  5. Repeat. Instructions Indulgent
  6. Waffle boats:
  7. Wet a paper towel and wring it out well
  8. Cover waffle cone bowl completely with wet paper towel
  9. Place in microwave on high for 30 seconds
  10. Carefully remove waffle cone bowl
  11. Leave paper towel on and gently form boat shape with hands
  12. Remove paper towel and let waffle boat cool
  13. Melt dark chocolate chips
  14. Dip edges of waffle boat into melted chocolate
  15. If you like, sprinkle edges with colored candy sprinkles
  16. Let harden at room temperature. If you’re in a hurry, place in refrigerator to harden
  17. Fill with scoops of dragon fruit Yonanas and sprinkle with coconut
  18. Switch it up!
  19. Swap out chocolate shell coating for melted chocolate chips.
  20. Place in freezer to harden.
Serves: 2-3