Cookie Dough Yonanas
Cookie Dough Yonanas

Chewy Chocolate Cookie Dough blended into creamy and sweet treat you won’t believe is vegan! Vegan Cookie Dough Recipe courtesy of author & nutritionist, Melissa Costello, of KARMA CHOW. These cookies happen to be Tony Horton’s all-time favorite!


  • 2 frozen over-ripe bananas
  • 4 cubes of frozen Karma Chow Cookie Dough NOTE: Omit cardamom from Karma Chow recipe for Cookie Dough Yonanas


  1. Slightly thaw your frozen bananas prior to putting through your yonanas maker.
  2. Insert one frozen banana
  3. Add 2 frozen cookie dough cubes
  4. Alternate remaining ingredients
Serves: 2