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Friday Faves


Happy Weekend Yonanas Fans, and Happy New Year!  This time of year many of us make a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle, and eat healthy.  This week’s Friday Faves reviews come from fans who love Yonanas as a healthy alternative to help achieve those personal goals.  Have a success story?  Share it!



  • Great product. I now have lots of frozen fruit ready to use so that healthy ice cream can be enjoyed by everyone. –brandt


  • SUPER.  This is the best product ever… It does exactly what it says.  Healthy frozen desserts… the best way is to just let your frozen fruit set out at room temperature for 10 minutes… then make your dessert… super easy cleanup… 5 stars….. LOVE IT. –flowers70


  • Best Frozen Treat Machine EVER!  I have wanted a Yonanas machine for years. I finally decided to order one. I am so glad I did. It is amazing! I have tried so many different combinations of fruits this week and they all have been scrumptious! I love that I am eating real healthy fruit versus high calorie, high fat ice cream. The consistency is smooth and just like ice cream too. My husband loves it. We have used it every night since we have gotten it. It’s one of the best purchases you can make. If you are on the fence, jump off to the Yonanas side. You won’t be disappointed! -ggabalot