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Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Friday!! We can’t say Thank You enough to all of you for your support and sharing your Yonanas stories with us! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are diabetic. Thanks to Yonanas they are able to enjoy no-sugar added delicious frozen treats!


  • I love this product and can make low calorie, healthful ice cream every day. Since I am a diabetic I have to my sugar intake and this product makes that job much easier. It is also much cheaper to use fruits than to buy the high priced ice cream in the diabetic section of the store. – Jacqueline


  • Yonanas is Fabulous1 I am so happy that I have the Yonanas machine. Hubby is diabetic and I have weight issues. In one week, I have made so many healthy desserts that are delicious. Our favorite so far is banana/red raspberry. There are no chemicals in these desserts. Have you ever read a label from a store bought sorbet or sherbet? This will be wonderful for summer entertaining but it’s getting quite a workout now. It’s very easy to clean. I am going to figure out a way to make a tasty chocolate sorbet. –Oak Park Twin


  • YO YO YONANA!!! I recently purchased this, and love, love, love it!!! My husband was even impressed. We are both diabetic and this is just great for yummy desserts, sugar free. -Ciegie