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Friday Faves


Get yourself a bowl of yonanas sit down and relax with our great reviews from our friends!  Thank you to all for the continued support.  Have a great weekend and Enjoy, Candice!

“Thought you should know: my freezer just went out, and my first thought was not concern about my organic chicken or pork roasts or steaks. My FIRST thought was, “Oh no!! My frozen bananas are defrosted!!” Seriously. Look what you’ve done to me!”  😉 – Tracey D.

I am Looking forward to trying Yonanas.  It was recommended by a friend who makes the best homemade ice cream on earth but has now converted (very enthusiastically) to a healthier long-term option with yonanas.  – Mary Ann M.

“My daughter is allowed to eat anything on her birthday – she picks the meals…and even unhealthy ones are allowed.  This year…breakfast was yonanas, afternoon snack was yonanas and instead of birthday cake she wanted yonanas!” – Stefani C.