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Friday Faves

Happy Weekend! We hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday season with family and friends. Our Friday Faves feature some ice cream lovers who say Yonanas cures their ice cream cravings! We love to hear how Yonanas has made a healthy difference in your life. Tell us why you love Yonanas! –Whitney


  • This may be my favorite Amazon purchase ever. Once I figured out how to take apart the pieces that needed to be cleaned, I am able to make delicious, healthy desserts easily. I’m not even a huge fan of bananas, but the bananas make a great, creamy base for the final product. It is a delicious, easy way to get fruit into your diet. Ice cream is my weakness and I wanted something to quell those cravings. This is it. I do recommend immediately cleaning the machine after use. And when freezing the bananas, make sure to peel them first.- Amazon Fan


  • We have used it so much since we bought it. So far I’ve bought five for gifts and myself. It will be so nice to have for the summer when ice cream is so appreciated. I love the healthy way to have desserts.- Judith


  • I enjoy shoving all my fruit through this monster! It tastes good and makes me feel good because I know that I’m eating super-duper healthy in ice-cream-like form. It’s so good that it kind of feels criminal –Mary Grace Ann