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On a diet? We know it is difficult to deprive your sweet tooth & combat cravings! Here are some stories from our friends have used yonanas to turn 100% fruit into guilt-free, healthy desserts that won’t blow your diet!


This Is Great! “This little machine is an amazing new kitchen must have. I love the soft serve type consistency it produces with the frozen bananas. The only limitation is your own imagination. I’m enjoying creating healthy new deserts. It’s great being on a diet and not having to deprive yourself of very tasty deserts. Way to go Yonanas!!!” – ~Z~


Cannot Believe How Fabulous “I still can’t believe that this works. I look forward to finishing even the most tasty meal so that I can use this device. It makes the most delicious dessert without adding sugar or any sweeteners. What a way to diet!” – judk1


Tasty and healthy! “Normally the two words tasty and healthy do not go together, but with the Yonanas it does. Tried it out for the first time and it was a hit with both me and my mom. I just started a diet and was having trouble fitting enough fruit and or vegetables in my diet. Saw this for the umpteenth time and new that I had to try it. Was glad I did! So easy to use and clean. All the parts came apart very easily and really all you had to do is give it a good rinse and it’s good to go. This machine is a must try for someone who is on a restricted diet and has a sweet tooth.” – marsscout