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Customer Reviews

Thanks so much for a great product

August 10, 2012

We recently got our yonanas machine and I just realized that not only do we love what it does, for someone who doesn't really like things sitting on our kitchen counter; it looks quite attractive when I leave it out! Thanks so much for a great product,I have passed the word probably a little too much, I think our friends are tired of hearing about it!

~ Jan

Yonanas machine gets used 3-4 times a day

August 10, 2012

The Yonanas machine gets used 3-4 times a day at my house so I have to keep coming up with different stuff. I also lead a weight loss support group and make a little treat with the yonanas for them each week :)

~ Holly

Weight Watchers Leader

August 03, 2012

I'm a Weight Watchers Leader in New York and just wanted to share with you how happy we all are with your wonderful product. I've been featuring it at my meetings because it's just that good!!!!  And it’s ZERO Points Plus on our program!! Thanks again for making so many of us happy and helping us stay healthier and thinner!!!

~ Linda

I have been thrilled with the performance

August 03, 2012

I loved the concept of this item. And I have been thrilled with the performance. It is a bit loud - but the bananas come out very smooth, just like ice cream. I've made several of the recipes and have been happy with each of them. Not overly banana-y. Definitely has cut down on our ice cream consumption. Color could be off putting for some - as the bananas will start to brown. I do recommend this and have done so to my family and friends.

~ Ann

Many recipes to try

August 03, 2012

We love this machine for producing 'ice cream - like' desserts. Many recipes to try and the finished product is like soft serve ice cream, but does not melt quickly like homemade ice cream. And you can make a large batch and store in the freezer to serve at a later time. Easy clean up. No salt to buy or large amounts of ice cubes needed. Well worth the price we paid.

~ hyacinthbean

I absolutely love my new Yonana machine.

July 27, 2012

I use it about every day. My husband just loves the finished product. So yesterday I made a new batch and it wasn't working correctly. I opened it up and the plastic gasket part was completely chewed up and gone. I think it was my fault I must have inserted it incorrectly. I decided to write the company to see if I could get a replacement part. Not only are they sending me a free gasket but they are sending me a new free blade as well. What a great company. I will be so thrilled to be able to make more Yonana creations

~ Susie

Superior to any store-bought yogurt or ice cream

July 27, 2012

I don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. This product has made eating fruit a daily event to look forward to, especially since I can now buy frozen fruit and/or freeze them myself so they last longer. As the price of fruit keeps going up, it's very costly to throw away anything that goes bad. Even better, what comes out of it is superior to any store-bought yogurt or ice cream I have had... in BOTH taste and nutritional value.

I have been putting in a single large banana, a few strawberries and a few blueberries. I then add a scoop or two of protein powder for both the chocolate flavor and the added protein. The result is like having a banana split or chocolate covered strawberries

Clean up is a breeze. The mechanical base never gets dirty and doesn't need cleaned more than any other counter-top appliance. I am beyond happy with this thing. What a great combination of health and convenience provided in one product. It sits right next to the coffee maker and is used as regularly.

~ S Forrest King

Not only is easy to use...but easy to clean up as well!

July 27, 2012

I was hesitant when I purchased the Yonanas since machines that you see work so well on TV often don’t seem to work as well once you get them home!

Well I can say that as far as the Yonanas is concerned it is exactly as it is portrayed on TV!It makes amazingly easy frozen desserts, using only fruit!

My teenagers have been using it daily and it's basically paid for itself as they have not been buying ice cream!! machine not only is easy to use...but easy to clean up as well!

Highly recommend it!!!

~ KFriend