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Customer Reviews

Favorite Amazon purchase ever

December 21, 2012
This may be my favorite Amazon purchase ever. Once I figured out how to take apart the pieces that needed to be cleaned, I am able to make delicious, healthy desserts easily. I'm not even a huge fan of bananas, but the bananas make a great, creamy base for the final product. It is a delicious, easy way to get fruit into your diet. Ice cream is my weakness and I wanted something to quell those cravings. This is it. I do recommend immediately cleaning the machine after use. And when freezing the bananas, make sure to peel them fi ~ Amazon Fan

The best zero point tasty treats

December 14, 2012
It makes the best zero point tasty treats for those of us on the Weight Watchers program. Worked perfectly first try just like the on-air demonstration. Just need to take your frozen fruit out of the freezer about five minutes prior to using ~ Anonymous

Easy and fast

December 14, 2012
Using the Yonanas frozen treat maker is easy and fast. From the first use the dessert created was delicious. If using just fruit, zero points plus on the Weight Watchers program is a big added bonus. Very Impres ~ Zirkda

So incredibly YUMMY!

December 14, 2012
The dessert that this machine makes is so incredibly YUMMY! I follow the Weight Watchers program and I LOVE fruited ice creams but they are too many WW points. I made black cherry yonanas this summer (black cherries and bananas, frozen...that's it) and as I was eating it I couldn't believe how great it tasted and how much it "felt like" ice cream! ZERO POINTS! I do find that I have to allow my frozen fruit to sit out about 5 minutes and it makes the perfect consistency! I've recommended this product to all my WW friend ~ Deb

Great healthy investment!

December 07, 2012
Outstanding buy! Arrived in 2 days, very simple operation. Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Made bananas and mixed berries our first night and our 8 month old loved them. Great alternative to ice cr ~ Gamppy

Our own ice cream substitute

December 07, 2012
Have you looked at the price of ice cream lately? We enjoy making our own ice cream substitute, and even the granddaughters like it. When we know they're coming we make sure we have lots of different 'ingredients' in the freezer, and they can choose how they want theirs individually made. Each of them loves to put in their own special treat; the latest is chocolate malted balls. Plan to give one as a Christmas pres ~ Anonymous

Wedding shower gift

December 07, 2012
My fiancé and I got this as a wedding shower gift; the minute we got it home we just had to try it. We were kind of bummed we had to wait to freeze the fruit but it was well worth it. We used some bananas, strawberries and a couple of kiwi and we all loved it (even my 11 year old picky son)! I would recommend this to anyone who has k ~ Roy and Amanda

What a great way to eat over-ripe bananas!

November 30, 2012
Every week I was tossing at least two. Now I freeze them and make healthy ice cream. Great device for Moms that want to get more fruit in their kids d ~ Babs