Customer Reviews

Love it!

January 30, 2015

after my accident lost a lot of my taste, except for fruits and veggies! I can make this and tast every bite! Gonna make Popsicles this week!

~ Deana M

A hit for a healthy family!

December 09, 2014

For a family that tries to eat healthy food but still enjoy treats this yonanas has become our fave! Kids ask for yonanas daily and I have no problem with that! I put it in ice cream cones, waffle bowls, or even as a cold breakfast treat.

During a staff event at school I brought my Yonanas as a contribution to our staff luncheon ! Wow! Everyone loved making their own combos.

~ Courtney B

Love it!

December 09, 2014

Love this! Can't live without it!

~ Suzanne J


October 21, 2014

Had never heard of this before; first time reading about it in Dr. Oz's The Good Life new magazine. Decided to by it for my birthday. Wow - what a fantastic idea! EASY to use; SIMPLE to clean; DELICIOUS to eat! Buy spotted bananas - 1/2 per serving - and freeze. Buy Dole frozen fruit for convenience. Follow instructions provided - THAW 10-15 minutes is critical. Never need to buy ice cream again; healthier too.

~ BillW

What a Product

October 02, 2014

I have been using this machine for over a year, what a product. As a diabetic this is as close as I get to dessert, ice cream every day YES! I recently failed to thaw my fruit enough and ripped the silicone seal, no problem two emails later Candice at Yonanas sent a replacement seal and grinder free. Other companies please note this is what customer service looks like.

~ Michael W

Love the Yonanas machine!

September 20, 2014

My 1 year old loves bananas and has quite a sweet tooth. We purchased the Yonanas maker so we can give him a sweet treat that is natural and healthy. He loves it!

~ Patrick Z

I'm eating super-duper healthy

December 21, 2013

I enjoy shoving all my fruit through this monster! It tastes good and makes me feel good because I know that I'm eating super-duper healthy in ice-cream-like form. It's so good that it kind of feels criminal.

~ Mary Grace Ann

This thing is awesome!

December 20, 2013

Ok this is amazing. I used bagged frozen fruit and it is so creamy and yummy. Tastes similar to ice cream. I added frozen chocolate chips to strawberries/banana mix this morning. Sooooo very good! I'm going to get some for family Christmas presents.

~ DocAmy