Customer Reviews

Yonanas is the best gadget ever made.

February 08, 2013

I don't understand how 3/4 of a banana and 5 small strawberries turns into a hearty bowl of creamy delicious soft serve. Noting but frozen fruit. I'm baffled and elated and my life is forever changed.

~ Candice L.

FINALLY!!! A machine that lives up to its hype!

February 08, 2013

:) I got my Yonanas last night and it's awesome!! :) I love that it came fully assembled!! I was so excited last night that I threw in some strawberries for a delicious 100 cal sorbet. Today with my bananas finally frozen, I had some amazing strawberry "ice cream" for under 200 cal. Woo hoo! Skinny jeans here I come :)

~ Lori D.

Oh man I found another new toy

February 08, 2013

Makes frozen desert with just fruit- no ice - no sweetener - nothing
You can even add a little dark chocolate and it taste great. I had to give up ice cream and frozen yogurt. This is a great alternative.

~ Karen D.

It is healthy and very yummy!!!

February 01, 2013

I heard about Yonanas from a sister in-law. I was looking for a Christmas present for my husband, who has been eating healthy but loves ice cream. So I looked into Yonanas. It is healthy and very yummy!!! The frozen bananas give the same texture as ice cream. So far we have done Bananas with mixed berries, bananas with peaches, mango, and pineapple. We've done bananas w/ strawberries. They were all really good!! My kids love it too! My husband wants to try frozen pear next. We'll see how that works. Oh I also bought one for my parents; my sister who is vegetarian is very interested.

~ Robin N.

Best Christmas Present Ever!!!

February 01, 2013

Love it!!! I'm all about eating healthy and haven't had ice cream in a long, long time. Healthy dessert without the guilt. I love being able to have a healthy alternative for my daughter too. Can't wait to try more recipes in the book. We just tried with frozen red and green seedless grapes... came out awesome."

~ TT

Bought this for my daughter last month

February 01, 2013

I bought this for my daughter last month and we have been using it ever since. We have not experienced any problems at all. We freeze over ripe bananas and buy frozen berries in bulk to use. Clean-up is amazingly simple as well. You really cannot get any easier than this machine. I am not sure why some people have problems. So far we have used bananas, strawberries, blue berries, mango and pineapple. We love this machine. I am going to buy a couple more to give as gifts.

~ Cyndy

I bought one and Oh MY!!!

January 25, 2013

I saw the Yonanas at my cousins house at Christmas. There was no frozen fruit at the time but she did explain it to me a little bit. I bought one and Oh MY!!! I just love it. Last night I did bananas and strawberries. I was really good. I cannot wait to get creative and come up with my own recipes. All in all I am very glad that I bought one. It is a great machine!

~ Bones


January 25, 2013

Best Purchase Ever! If you are interested in your health and your family's health...THIS IS A MUST BUY! Not only is the end product delicious, but healthy. What a great gift to buy any family member or friend. We got this frozen treat maker 2 weeks ago & have used it every evening for our dessert time...our favorite is mixed berry & is DELISH! It looks like soft ice cream. It is really a breeze to clean...My daughter is on WW & can't wait to try ours...I couldn't tell her we already bought her one for Christmas!"

~ Ordalo