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What’s In Bloom Winners



Congratulations to all of our What’s in Bloom? Colored Yonanas Sweepstakes winners! Thank you everyone for participating and voting for your favorite color. Classic SILVER won the vote as your favorite yonanas color, followed by BLUE! Did you fall in love with one of the new colors? Get your favorite at Walmart & Walmart Canada!


Color Vote Winners:

 Winner Image


$50 VISA Gift Card Winners*:

Peggy J. from Virginia

Stephanie D. from New York

Victoria S. from Ontario

Rose-Ann C. from Kentucky

Catherine S. from New York

Olivia T. from Texas

Brian C. from Tennessee

Suzette V. from Ontario

Aldona C. from Illinois

Nichole G. from New York


*Please note, all winners were contacted via the email address provided in the entry form.


Friday Faves


With Earth Day and Arbor Day this week, everyone is looking for ways to reduce waste. Yonanas is a great way to use up the overripe fruit and bananas that you might normally throw away. This week’s Friday Faves comes from friends that are getting the most from their fruit and wasting less with Yonanas!

WOW, what fun. “I couldn’t wait for my machine to arrive. We are always throwing out bananas. Now I won’t waste any fruit, not when I have this machine. It works really easy, clean-up is so simple. Very well made little machine, not thrown together and hope it works kind of thing. I made the banana strawberry. Really good. Can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes, the book is fantastic. Thanks DOLE. I got mine in Neon Green, because I wanted a fun color for a fun machine.” – Lpincarolina


A great little machine right price and easy to use! “I was thrilled that it was so easy to use and clean. Also, it made the fruit the same way it looked on the demo on TV! It was creamy like ice cream. I am happy to be able to use my fruit

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this way so it doesn’t get wasted…too many times things don’t get eaten. Now, I will just freeze and have it when I feel like it. It will be good for the kids, too. This is one of my best purchases, I think. Very happy with it and would recommend to others! I have only just used it (once) because I just purchased it but, even after using only once I can see it is a good product. Thank you!” – littleelf

Great product! “It allows me to make use of all the frozen bananas accumulating in my freezer and to use my imagination! No wasted fruit. I have experimented with many different fruits and the results have been a treat to the palate. No fruit will ever be wasted again in this household.” – EPods

Friday Faves


It is always so fun to see people’s reactions the first time they try Yonanas. People are often surprised by the creamy, soft-serve texture of Yonanas! Were you? Share your story here!

We were in Bed bath and Beyond and this lady was demoing the product and asked if I wanted to try some ice cream. I tried it and was blown away at how good it was. Then she told me it was just bananas and strawberries. I told her she was crazy. It was too creamy and sweet to be just fruit, but no joke, it was just frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. It is a great gift and worth it to watch the kids make their own healthy desserts. If you can pick one up on sale, do it because it is nice and very easy to clean and makes very healthy treats.” – P. Day

 “We are amazed at how creamy the results are with this. My personal fave is banana with black cherry. We like it so much that I bought one as a gift for a relative after we used ours.” – Gail M Kraker

Yummy ice cream taste without the guilt!
  “This machine really does transform bananas and other fruit into delicious creamy ice cream in a matter of minutes. Pure yumminess without all the extra ingredients and calories of real ice cream. Very easy to use and even easier to clean up! Our family loves it.” – HMS from Ohio

 “So glad I bought this! It makes the most smooth, creamy delicious frozen treat ever! No additives, no junk – just the good stuff I feed into the machine- but so much more delicious than the fruit itself. Very easy to assemble. Very easy to clean. Very easy to operate. Plug it in, one button – on/off!” – sootymills

Friday Faves

Watermelon bowl


It makes our day when we hear from friends who love their yonanas so much that they can’t help but share it with everyone they know. This week’s Friday Faves come from people who have packed up their yonanas and brought it to work for a fun yonanas office party! Do you SHARE your yonanas?


Rave reviews!  “A co-worker brought YONANAS into work…and it was a big hit! We all love sweets but also are watching our sweet intake! Fills the bill! We made about 3 different favors and all turned out well. It was also fun coming up with new ideas. I expect a lot of YONANAS being ordered soon. Great idea!” – Pinest

Love, Love, My Yonanas  “I received Yonanas as a gift. It is the BEST!!!! We got 25 overripe bananas for $2 at the local grocer. We also picked up some pre-frozen berry mix. We were not prepared for how delicious this was going to be. My family is hooked. I took it to work for my girlfriends to try out. They loved it so much that we all pitched in and got one for our kitchen at work. What a wonderful low cal treat. Also it is very easy to clean the entire front comes off for easy rinsing and washing. If it was hard to clean I wouldn’t use it soooooo much. Thanks QVC!!!!” – Jknroche

Great Product – BUY IT 
“I purchased this product for my husband because he loves ice cream but ice cream doesn’t love him. So I thought this would be the perfect solution. We are very happy with the Yonanas. It is very easy to use and easy to clean. I have taken the machine to work several times and everyone loves it and plans on purchasing their own Yonanas.” – WJSHCSLADYS 

Friday Faves


Happy weekend to all of our fans! This week our Friday Faves comes from friends with dietary restrictions that are able to enjoy creamy, frozen treats again with Yonanas! Have you been able to satisfy your sweet tooth with Yonanas despite food intolerances and allergies? We would love to hear your story!


Exceptional   “I was skeptical at first, but now that I have used it, I’m sold. Being the parent of a child with dairy food allergies, ice cream/yogurt places are off limits to us. But now with the Yonanas machine we have “ice cream” every day. Our freezer is full of frozen fruit ready to make a healthy tasty frozen treat at any time. Great product.” – KC632


Fits My Needs   ”I love ice cream! Unfortunately I have problems with eating dairy. This machine allows me to satisfy my love of ice cream in a very healthy way. Easy to use and clean and makes good use of fruit that might not be eaten before it gets too ripe. Great for a last minute dessert, just serve with a piece of cake, brownie, cookie…the ideas are endless.” – simpy1170


Love this!   ”Does exactly what it was made to do. I bought one for my aunt and my mother-in-law too. My mother-in-law is allergic to high fructose corn syrup, but loves ice cream. She can have her ice cream and eat it too! :-) ” – StarliteW

Friday Faves

Grapes Heart 03.07.14


We hear from so many friends that love how much stronger, quieter, and sleeker Yonanas Elite is. They have gifted their original yonanas and upgraded to Yonanas Elite because it is the PARTY Machine! Thank YOU for SHARING your Yonanas!


Yonanas Elite is Awesome!  “I saw the original Yonanas on TV and in magazines and it seemed like a great idea. When I saw this deluxe version on Frontgate I knew I had to have it! It is incredibly powerful and easy to use. We’ve discovered several flavor combinations and this has quickly become our favorite kitchen appliance! I would recommend watching the video and reading the manual- very useful tips! It is a very well made machine and I can’t wait to purchase more of these for Christmas gifts this year.” - fruitman100

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Yonanas!!!!! “I got my first yonanas nearly 2 years ago and used it all the time. I gave it as gifts to many family members and friends. When the Elite model came out I upgraded. It is way more powerful, quieter, and looks sleek and modern. I gave my first model to a friend who raves about it. I can’t say enough good things about yonanas. It is truly giving the gift of healthy decadence!!!! Thank you yonanas!” -  BMiami 

Yonanas Elite Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker  “Excellent! One of the best inventions for healthy eating. Makes frozen fruit and berries taste like smooth and creamy ice cream/yogurt without the additional sugar, milk products and calories. Healthy frozen whipped fruit is delicious. Yonanas Elite has a metal auger, unlike the cheaper brands and models which have plastic augers, which really works great. Love this calorie saver dessert machine. The Elite motor has twice the power of the less expensive models. Saw this demonstrated at the nutritionist and dieticians national conference in Houston, Oct 2013, and tasted the results. Amazing. Great product.” - BEACHBEADS

Do you have a Yonanas Elite? Share your story with us!

Friday Faves


Happy Friday! It is always wonderful to hear stories about sharing yonanas with the little ones in your family. Do the kids in your family enjoy yonanas? We want to hear your story!

Fun with the Grandkids.
“This machine makes a nice healthy snack. I used to throw bananas away each week. Now I freeze them plus other fruits and have a ready snack anytime. My granddaughter loves making different fruit each time. Easy to use.” – Gma L

Easy & Delicious!
“Have used this machine for the last

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6 days & am loving it! Easy to make & have tried variety of different fruits, candy, cocoa, cinnamon, etc. & finding it fun to experiment with different items. My 2 1/2 year old grandson just loves it too. Every night he says “it’s yonana time”! Got one for myself & my daughter, too.” – Jeannie33

Great invention, Love, Love, Love it
“This is a wonderful little machine, easy to operate and easy to clean. It was a big hit with the grandchildren. Love giving them treats that are good for them, plus they help and it really makes it a fun time. Bought four of them, one for each of my girls and one for me. We love it.” – littlephil

Friday Faves

Fruit heart

Happy Friday! So many of us want the same thing: to be able to INDULGE without that guilty feeling afterwards! This week our Friday Faves come from fans who no longer feel guilty from eating ice cream! Have you used Yonanas to satisfy your ice cream cravings? We would love to hear your story!


Love this gadget!! I use this appliance almost daily. One of my best purchases. I strive to eat healthier and yonanas is a big help. I cut ice cream out of my diet and happily replaced it with yonanas. I make many flavors…depending on my mood. I don’t even feel guilty eating “ice cream” for breakfast as it is only fruit. A wonderful invention. Thank you!!! Macky1


Great when dieting, well actually not dieting too. I’m dieting at the moment and this product keeps away the ice cream cravings for sure. I actually like it better than ice cream because there is no guilt attached. - anonymous


luv it!!!! “I bought 3 of these 1 for myself, 1 for my daughter and 1 for a friend for a birthday gift for her children. I use this machine every day and the only description needed is absolutely delicious!! This has replaced my ice cream addiction zero guilt and it’s good for you. I love this machine and the yonanas website has a ton of recipes. Great product. If heaven forbid, it ever breaks I’d be on the phone buying another!!” iflyforfree