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Friday Faves

Blueberry Heart

Want a way to get your whole family to eat more fruit? This week’s Friday Faves come from folks who have found a secret weapon: Yonanas! Trick picky eaters by turning 100% fruit into a treat that looks, tastes and feels like soft-serve ice cream!


Wonderful! “Love this! My hubby never eats fruit and since we received this he has had so much fruit! We both enjoy making different treats every night! No more cookies and cake for us! We can’t get enough of this. If you’re on the fence about buying this go for it! Wish I could give it 10 stars!” – patkriv


This is amazing!!! “ It really does turn fruit into a delicious frozen “ice cream”. We couldn’t wait to try it. It was so easy to do, and the fruit comes out exactly the consistency of soft ice cream. I am on Weight Watcher’s and fruit is “free” – no points to count. So every bowl of these luscious concoctions is a guilt free treat. What a great way to get more fruit into your diet!! We made banana-strawberry, then banana and mixed berries and just plain banana. I have oranges, mangoes and peaches in the freezer now. Can’t wait to try some new blends. The machine goes together/comes apart very easily and cleans up in a flash. Great ideas in the recipe book, too. Totally cool!!!!!!” – Deegee54


Love My Yonanas! “I got my yonana a few days ago and LOVE it. It works like I thought it would. I love the fact it is fast and easy. Also, you don’t have to add anything with fat into it unless you just want too. You can have it either way. It is the perfect way to get more fruit in the diet so that you get the fiber and nutrients. I also love that you can buy plenty of fruit and you don’t have to worry about it becoming rotten before you eat it all because you can just freeze it. The consistency is so very similar to ice cream; so, that way you feel like you are getting such a wonderful treat, which you are. It feels like your cheating when your not. Love it!!!!!!!!!” – princess tinkerbell

What’s In Bloom Winners



Congratulations to all of our What’s in Bloom? Colored Yonanas Sweepstakes winners! Thank you everyone for participating and voting for your favorite color. Classic SILVER won the vote as your favorite yonanas color, followed by BLUE! Did you fall in love with one of the new colors? Get your favorite at Walmart & Walmart Canada!


Color Vote Winners:

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$50 VISA Gift Card Winners*:

Peggy J. from Virginia

Stephanie D. from New York

Victoria S. from Ontario

Rose-Ann C. from Kentucky

Catherine S. from New York

Olivia T. from Texas

Brian C. from Tennessee

Suzette V. from Ontario

Aldona C. from Illinois

Nichole G. from New York


*Please note, all winners were contacted via the email address provided in the entry form.