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Friday Faves


With Earth Day and Arbor Day this week, everyone is looking for ways to reduce waste. Yonanas is a great way to use up the overripe fruit and bananas that you might normally throw away. This week’s Friday Faves comes from friends that are getting the most from their fruit and wasting less with Yonanas!


WOW, what fun. “I couldn’t wait for my machine to arrive. We are always throwing out bananas. Now I won’t waste any fruit, not when I have this machine. It works really easy, clean-up is so simple. Very well made little machine, not thrown together and hope it works kind of thing. I made the banana strawberry. Really good. Can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes, the book is fantastic. Thanks DOLE. I got mine in Neon Green, because I wanted a fun color for a fun machine.” – Lpincarolina


A great little machine right price and easy to use! “I was thrilled that it was so easy to use and clean. Also, it made the fruit the same way it looked on the demo on TV! It was creamy like ice cream. I am happy to be able to use my fruit this way so it doesn’t get wasted…too many times things don’t get eaten. Now, I will just freeze and have it when I feel like it. It will be good for the kids, too. This is one of my best purchases, I think. Very happy with it and would recommend to others! I have only just used it (once) because I just purchased it but, even after using only once I can see it is a good product. Thank you!” – littleelf


Great product! “It allows me to make use of all the frozen bananas accumulating in my freezer and to use my imagination! No wasted fruit. I have experimented with many different fruits and the results have been a treat to the palate. No fruit will ever be wasted again in this household.” – EPods

Friday Faves


It is always so fun to see people’s reactions the first time they try Yonanas. People are often surprised by the creamy, soft-serve texture of Yonanas! Were you? Share your story here!

We were in Bed bath and Beyond and this lady was demoing the product and asked if I wanted to try some ice cream. I tried it and was blown away at how good it was. Then she told me it was just bananas and strawberries. I told her she was crazy. It was too creamy and sweet to be just fruit, but no joke, it was just frozen bananas and frozen strawberries. It is a great gift and worth it to watch the kids make their own healthy desserts. If you can pick one up on sale, do it because it is nice and very easy to clean and makes very healthy treats.” – P. Day

 “We are amazed at how creamy the results are with this. My personal fave is banana with black cherry. We like it so much that I bought one as a gift for a relative after we used ours.” – Gail M Kraker

Yummy ice cream taste without the guilt!
  “This machine really does transform bananas and other fruit into delicious creamy ice cream in a matter of minutes. Pure yumminess without all the extra ingredients and calories of real ice cream. Very easy to use and even easier to clean up! Our family loves it.” – HMS from Ohio

 “So glad I bought this! It makes the most smooth, creamy delicious frozen treat ever! No additives, no junk – just the good stuff I feed into the machine- but so much more delicious than the fruit itself. Very easy to assemble. Very easy to clean. Very easy to operate. Plug it in, one button – on/off!” – sootymills