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Friday Faves


Happy Friday! It is always wonderful to hear stories about sharing yonanas with the little ones in your family. Do the kids in your family enjoy yonanas? We want to hear your story!

Fun with the Grandkids.
“This machine makes a nice healthy snack. I used to throw bananas away each week. Now I freeze them plus other fruits and have a ready snack anytime. My granddaughter loves making different fruit each time. Easy to use.” – Gma L

Easy & Delicious!
“Have used this machine for the last 6 days & am loving it! Easy to make & have tried variety of different fruits, candy, cocoa, cinnamon, etc. & finding it fun to experiment with different items. My 2 1/2 year old grandson just loves it too. Every night he says “it’s yonana time”! Got one for myself & my daughter, too.” – Jeannie33

Great invention, Love, Love, Love it
“This is a wonderful little machine, easy to operate and easy to clean. It was a big hit with the grandchildren. Love giving them treats that are good for them, plus they help and it really makes it a fun time. Bought four of them, one for each of my girls and one for me. We love it.” – littlephil

Friday Faves

Fruit heart

Happy Friday! So many of us want the same thing: to be able to INDULGE without that guilty feeling afterwards! This week our Friday Faves come from fans who no longer feel guilty from eating ice cream! Have you used Yonanas to satisfy your ice cream cravings? We would love to hear your story!


Love this gadget!! I use this appliance almost daily. One of my best purchases. I strive to eat healthier and yonanas is a big help. I cut ice cream out of my diet and happily replaced it with yonanas. I make many flavors…depending on my mood. I don’t even feel guilty eating “ice cream” for breakfast as it is only fruit. A wonderful invention. Thank you!!! – Macky1


Great when dieting, well actually not dieting too. I’m dieting at the moment and this product keeps away the ice cream cravings for sure. I actually like it better than ice cream because there is no guilt attached. – anonymous


luv it!!!! “I bought 3 of these 1 for myself, 1 for my daughter and 1 for a friend for a birthday gift for her children. I use this machine every day and the only description needed is absolutely delicious!! This has replaced my ice cream addiction zero guilt and it’s good for you. I love this machine and the yonanas website has a ton of recipes. Great product. If heaven forbid, it ever breaks I’d be on the phone buying another!!” – iflyforfree 

Friday Faves


This week’s Friday Faves honors American Heart Month. You can have dessert and a healthy heart with Yonanas! Made with 100% frozen fruit, Yonanas is a treat that looks, tastes, and feels like soft serve ice cream! We’d love to hear from you, too!


“My brother in law is staying with my hubby and myself after having bypass heart surgery. I am cooking all healthy meals and ordered this because once in a while he wants a good healthy desert. Although we are eating lots of fruit and salads he still wanted that something special and this seemed to be the answer. We are sampling all kinds of frozen fruits with the bananas. Yum, it’s good.” – jjhowl

Friday Faves



Many little girls (and older girls too) have an undeniably persistent sweet tooth and LOVE sugary desserts like ice cream. This week’s Friday Faves come from fans with girls who love the sweet treats, and can enjoy a healthy, tasty alternative by using Yonanas! Who do you share Yonanas with?


  • AMAZING. This was a gift for my daughter. She loves it and even her 3yr old can make it work!! With supervision of course. Easy, fun, and oh so good! Great product, I want one now! –robin*armstrong*seeber


  • Pleasantly Surprised. My daughter loves the ice cream! She is allergic to all nuts so we use it for a substitute for store bought ice cream. It tastes just like ice cream so she asks for it all the time. -Kim


  • Can’t freeze the bananas fast enough! My 15-year-old daughter and I LOVE this machine. Just went out and bought another load of bananas because we’re finding it difficult to wait for them to ripen! Having fun trying different combinations of fruits…love them all! Sweet treat without all the guilt! -Anonymous