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Friday Faves



Hello and Happy Weekend!  Need a fun new activity to do with the kids?  Check out this week’s Friday Faves!  These reviews come from Grandparents who have a blast making Yonanas with their Grandkids.   Who do you enjoy making Yonanas with?  Share your story!


  • Grandkids Love It!!!!!!  Just received yesterday . Used it twice. First plain bananas then peanut butter miniature cups with bananas. Big hit with them. If they are happy, so is Grandma!!!!!!!!!! –Granny48


  • Love it!!  Just received the Yonanas and tried it. My 4 year old grandson gave it a thumbs up. It does a really good job, easy to clean too. Cannot wait to do more. Now I need to get more and give them as gifts. –Love my Dog


  • GREAT!!!!!!!  I bought this for myself took it to my grandchildren to try and they loved it, my grandson is autistic and he loves his fruit he only eats certain food groups, bought a bag of mixed frozen fruit from the store well he loved it he didn’t like the bananas but loved the mixed fruit, sooooooooo I’m getting another one for myself great ideal!!!!!!! –tinkles 
Friday Faves


It’s the weekend, Happy Friday! We wouldn’t be where we are today without the love and support from our loyal customers. This week’s Friday Faves come from fans who took the time to reach out and share just how much they enjoy their Yonanas. From picky eaters, to surprised yet satisfied customers, these reviews are a part of what keeps us going!


  • Just awesome! I have a ten-year-old daughter who is VERY picky on fruits and vegetables. Her current phase is pretty much limited to green seedless grapes and McIntosh or Royal Gala apples, with occasional watermelon thrown in. But my wife encouraged her to give me a Yonanas machine for Christmas. Now she is eating bananas, strawberries (which she used to eat in a different phase) and for the first time blueberries.
    –David L.


  • I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product. My granddaughter has sensory issues so it has been a challenge to get her to eat different foods. The only fruit she would eat is a banana as long as the peel was still on part way for a handle. We have tried so many fruits on her but she would always try to get it off of her tongue. I just got her to eat a bowl of fruit that she would not normally eat because of the texture. This is great!!!! I can’t thank you enough for this product!!!!!!! -Suzanna P.


  • My sons gave my husband a Yonanas for Christmas. Neither of us ever heard of it! After my son described what it did, I could not wait to try it even though it was for my husband. Anyway we cut up a pineapple and froze it. Our first experience was the best sorbet ever! I posted a pic and since then I sold about 4 machines! Each time I make a batch; I photograph it, post and sell another or so. It is so funny kidding with people as I enjoy your product! Today I did mango and strawberries, the other day mango, day before, kiwi and strawberries. I realized today that I haven’t even scratched the surface of the great healthy snacks I can make with this machine! GENIUS! I love it! Way to go! I consider your product a must have! -Adrienne
Friday Faves

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Happy Weekend Yonanas fans! Are you using Yonanas to satisfy your sweet tooth on your diet program? Today’s Friday Faves come from users on Weight Watchers. Their reviews prove how great Yonanas is for a Zero to Low point dessert, no guilt! Tell us your story!


  • I have this and it’s wonderful! I purchased this a while back when I was very serious about Weight Watchers. It makes delicious 0 points plus desserts! I really need to start using it again. If you are on the fence don’t be. It is a great product! – Karen



  • We love our Yonanas machine! We’ve added berries of all kinds, pineapple and other frozen fruit to the banana base. All very good. Yes, it is noisy for the minute it takes to run it. Yes, you do need to scrape out some banana from the inside. Yes, you do indeed have to take it apart after use and rinse the pieces or put them in a sink with warm water. That takes less than a minute. Wash them when you have time. Not a big deal as we wash dishes daily in our home. I’m on Weight Watchers and I love having a low point treat. My latest favorite is a sugar cone, add Yonanas, a small amt. of low pt. hot fudge sauce, more Yonanas. A bit of the chocolate sauce and a sprinkle of coconut on the very top. Two points, one for the chocolate and one for the cone!!!! –D. Bromley



  • I love this machine. I’m a Weight Watcher’s member and fruit is 0 points plus. I can freeze my bananas and buy my other fruit frozen. Then, I make my fruit “ice cream” up a couple times a week, put it in single freezer containers – I just pull it out of the freezer, let it sit for a little bit and YUM. I love this little treat that does not impact my points. Clean up is a dream – just rinse in warm water set it out to dry and you’re done. I purchased one for my sister because I am going to visit her and don’t want to miss my treat. I even make popsicles with it. Just grab and go! – P.M. Hadley
Friday Faves


Happy Weekend Yonanas Fans, and Happy New Year!  This time of year many of us make a resolution to live a healthier lifestyle, and eat healthy.  This week’s Friday Faves reviews come from fans who love Yonanas as a healthy alternative to help achieve those personal goals.  Have a success story?  Share it!



  • Great product. I now have lots of frozen fruit ready to use so that healthy ice cream can be enjoyed by everyone. –brandt


  • SUPER.  This is the best product ever… It does exactly what it says.  Healthy frozen desserts… the best way is to just let your frozen fruit set out at room temperature for 10 minutes… then make your dessert… super easy cleanup… 5 stars….. LOVE IT. –flowers70


  • Best Frozen Treat Machine EVER!  I have wanted a Yonanas machine for years. I finally decided to order one. I am so glad I did. It is amazing! I have tried so many different combinations of fruits this week and they all have been scrumptious! I love that I am eating real healthy fruit versus high calorie, high fat ice cream. The consistency is smooth and just like ice cream too. My husband loves it. We have used it every night since we have gotten it. It’s one of the best purchases you can make. If you are on the fence, jump off to the Yonanas side. You won’t be disappointed! -ggabalot