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Friday Faves

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Have you given up desserts in order to lose weight?  Don’t deprive yourself! This week’s Friday Faves come from fans that are losing weight while still enjoying dessert with yonanas. We would love to hear your story! Share it here.


I love this thing!   “I have to say that I love this thing. I am personally not a big fan of fruit. Unless it is hidden, I am probably not going to eat it. I have been trying to eat clean to get in shape and lose weight and with the eating plan I am following, I am trying to incorporate more fruit into my diet. This thing has been a lifesaver for me. I can get in a portion of fruit, it tastes good, and it feels like I am eating a treat.” – April


No Longer Feel Deprived   “I am trying to lose a few pounds so I had to give up ice cream. I no longer feel that I am giving up anything. J Yonanas makes fantastic healthy desserts. It is very easy to use & to clean up. I love it!” – appleducks


Awesome Treat   “Have been on a weight loss program since March and love that I can still make a healthy, sweet treat for myself and my grandchildren. I keep bananas frozen all the time and can have a treat within 10 to 15 minutes.” – tennokie

What Color Do You Find Pinteresting? Sweepstakes Winner

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Sherry L. of Bucyrus, OH


Congratulations Sherry! Thanks to everyone for participating! We enjoyed seeing all of your pins. 


Be sure to follow us on Pinterest


*Please note, all winners were contacted via the email address provided in the entry form.


Yonanas Demonstrations June 28 – 29



Come try Yonanas at select US Costco stores on June 28 & June 29!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule.

Friday Faves

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Are you constantly pouring over ingredients lists and nutrition labels? This week’s Friday Faves comes from friends who ditched the guesswork & took control of their dessert with yonanas!


Great For Diabetics   “I have huge cravings for ice cream, but must watch what I eat. This is so delicious and I know EXACTLY what’s in it!” – Jacee


Great Product!!!   “I figured this would be just one more “toy” that we used a couple of times, then off it goes to the cabinet to be sold in a garage sale. This product does exactly what it says it will do! And this way you know exactly what your eating. Just take a look on the back on the ice cream product you use….you can’t even pronounce half the ingredients….do you really want to eat that?” – AmaTX


YAYYYY FOR YONANAS!!!!   “I watched this for a while but when we got the great deal as a TSV, I bought this. I LOVE it. I can have a dessert that is natural and I control my ingredients. I look forward to a summer of healthy desserts. It is so easy to use and clean. Can’t wait to make things for my one year old granddaughter!” – Diamond Lover 

Yonanas Demonstrations June 21 – 22



Come try Yonanas in your area June 21 & June 22!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at select US Costco stores.

Yonanas GRAND Birthday Sweepstakes Winners




Congratulations to all of our Yonanas GRAND Birthday Sweepstakes winners! Thank you everyone for participating and celebrating our 3rd birthday with us!



Michelle R. from Michigan


Yonanas Machine Winners*:

Gerry L. from Florida

Sara A. from Ontario

Jamie H. from Arizona

Sandor C. from Alabama

Robert J. from North Carolina

Susan M. from California

Michelle G. from New York


*Please note, all winners were contacted via the email address provided in the entry form.


Friday Faves



On a diet? We know it is difficult to deprive your sweet tooth & combat cravings! Here are some stories from our friends have used yonanas to turn 100% fruit into guilt-free, healthy desserts that won’t blow your diet!

This Is Great! “This little machine is an amazing new kitchen must have. I love the soft serve type consistency it produces with the frozen bananas. The only limitation is your own imagination. I’m enjoying creating healthy new deserts. It’s great being on a diet and not having to deprive yourself of very tasty deserts. Way to go Yonanas!!!” – ~Z~

Cannot Believe How Fabulous “I still can’t believe that this works. I look forward to finishing even the most tasty meal so that I can use this device. It makes the most delicious dessert

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without adding sugar or any sweeteners. What a way to diet!” – judk1

Tasty and healthy! “Normally the two words tasty and healthy do not go together, but with the Yonanas it does. Tried it out for the first time and it was a hit with both me and my mom. I just started a diet and was having trouble fitting enough fruit and or vegetables in my diet. Saw this for the umpteenth time and new that I had to try it. Was glad I did! So

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easy to use and clean. All the parts came apart very easily and really all you had to do is give it a good rinse and it’s good to go. This machine is a must try for someone who is on a restricted diet and has a sweet tooth.” – marsscout

Friday Faves

Blueberry Heart

Want a way to get your whole family to eat more fruit? This week’s Friday Faves come from folks who have found a secret weapon: Yonanas! Trick picky eaters by turning 100% fruit into a treat that looks,

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tastes and feels like soft-serve ice cream!


Wonderful! “Love this! My hubby never eats fruit and since we received this he has had so much fruit! We both enjoy making different treats every night! No more cookies and cake for us! We can’t get enough of this. If you’re on the fence about buying this go for it! Wish I could give it 10 stars!” – patkriv


This is amazing!!! “ It really does turn fruit into a delicious frozen “ice cream”. We couldn’t wait to try it. It was so easy to do, and the fruit comes out exactly the consistency of soft ice cream. I am on Weight Watcher’s and fruit is “free” – no points to count. So every bowl of these luscious concoctions is a guilt free treat. What a great way to get more fruit into your diet!! We made banana-strawberry, then banana and mixed berries and just plain banana. I have oranges, mangoes and peaches in the freezer now. Can’t wait to try some new blends. The machine goes together/comes apart very easily and cleans up in a flash. Great ideas in the recipe book, too. Totally cool!!!!!!” – Deegee54


Love My Yonanas! “I got my yonana a few days ago and LOVE it. It works like I thought it would. I love the fact it is fast and easy. Also, you don’t have to add anything with fat into it unless you just want too. You can have it either way. It is the perfect way to get more fruit in the diet so that you get the fiber and nutrients. I also love that you can buy plenty of fruit and you don’t have to worry about it becoming rotten before you eat it all because you can just freeze it. The consistency is so very similar to ice cream; so, that way you feel like you are getting such a wonderful treat, which you are. It feels like your cheating when your not. Love it!!!!!!!!!” - princess tinkerbell