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Friday Faves

Happy Friday! Our Friday Faves this week come from some of our very happy Facebook fans. We love to hear about your Yonanas experience and why you love it. Please keep sharing your Yonanas stories with us! – Whitney


  • Oh man I found another new toy –  Makes frozen desert with just fruit- no ice – no sweetener – nothing . You can even add a little dark chocolate and it taste great.  I had to give up ice cream and frozen yogurt. This is a great alternative. –Karen D.
  • Finally!!! A machine that lives up to its hype! :) I got my Yonanas last night and it’s awesome!! :) I love that it came fully assembled!! I was so excited last night that I threw in some strawberries for a delicious 100 cal sorbet. Today with my bananas finally frozen, I had some amazing strawberry “ice cream” for under 200 cal. Woo hoo! Skinny jeans here I come! :) – Lori D.
  • Yonanas is the best gadget ever made. I don’t understand how 3/4 of a banana and 5 small strawberries turns into a hearty bowl of creamy delicious soft serve. Nothing but frozen fruit. I’m baffled and elated and my life is forever changed. -Candice L.
Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Weekend! It’s hard to believe we’re already in the second month of 2013. Our Friday Faves this week come from fans who gave or received Yonanas as a gift. We are so happy so many of you are enjoying a healthy dessert without the guilt and are able to share the joy with so many others!


  • I bought this for my daughter last month and we have been using it ever since. We have not experienced any problems at all. We freeze over ripe bananas and buy frozen berries in bulk to use. Clean-up is amazingly simple as well. You really cannot get any easier than this machine. I am not sure why some people have problems. So far we have used bananas, strawberries, blue berries, mango and pineapple. We love this machine. I am going to buy a couple more to give as gifts.- Cyndy


  • Best Christmas Present Ever!!! Love it!!! I’m all about eating healthy and haven’t had ice cream in a long, long time. Healthy dessert without the guilt. I love being able to have a healthy alternative for my daughter too. Can’t wait to try more recipes in the book. We just tried with frozen red and green seedless grapes… came out awesome.”- TT


  • I heard about Yonanas from a sister in-law. I was looking for a Christmas present for my husband, who has been eating healthy but loves ice cream. So I looked into Yonanas. It is healthy and very yummy!!! The frozen bananas give the same texture as ice cream. So far we have done Bananas with mixed berries, bananas with peaches, mango, and pineapple. We’ve done bananas w/ strawberries. They were all really good!! My kids love it too! My husband wants to try frozen pear next. We’ll see how that works. Oh I also bought one for my parents; my sister who is vegetarian is very interested. – Robin N.


Friday Faves

Happy Weekend! Our Friday Faves this week come from fans who have shared the gift of Yonanas with their family. So many of you have shared Yonanas with your parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins and more! Thank you all for sharing your love of Yonanas and helping to spread the word! –Whitney


  • Great fun! My Grandson had a great time making his own frozen treat that was very tasty. I would recommend this product for a fun time and something that is good for them to eat.”- Helping Hand
  • Best Purchase Ever! If you are interested in your health and your family’s health…THIS IS A MUST BUY! Not only is the end product delicious, but healthy. What a great gift to buy any family member or friend. We got this frozen treat maker 2 weeks ago & have used it every evening for our dessert time…our favorite is mixed berry & bananas…it is DELISH! It looks like soft ice cream. It is really a breeze to clean…My daughter is on WW & can’t wait to try ours…I couldn’t tell her we already bought her one for Christmas!”- Ordalo
  • I saw the Yonanas at my cousins house at Christmas. There was no frozen fruit at the time but she did explain it to me a little bit. I bought one and Oh MY!!! I just love it. Last night I did bananas and strawberries. I was really good. I cannot wait to get creative and come up with my own recipes. All in all I am very glad that I bought one. It is a great machine!- Bones




Friday Faves

Happy Friday! We are so thankful for your constant stream of kind words and continued support. We just love to hear from all of you! This week our Friday-Faves come from fans who love their Yonanas and are excited to experiment with more recipes. What fun recipes have you created with your Yonanas? -Whitney


  • I received the Yonanas as a Christmas gift from my brother. WOW!!!! We LOVE it!! What a great machine, yum yum, the kids love it! Can’t wait to try different recipes!  Bravo :) – Maureen
  • I have to tell you, this machine is most amazing. I really cannot get over how delicious these creations are with this machine. Really, bananas by themselves are my favorite, but I still have many other options to try. Congrats on a wonderful product. Such a success is rare these days. Thank you, thank you, thank you. –Kami
  • This is my second Yonanas purchase!! Gift time! I cannot say enough great things about this product! It is perfect for kids and adults alike and provides an easy way to get the sweetness of dessert-time with a healthy alternative! I promise you, you will be pleasantly surprised when you start experimenting with this machine! I love that recipes come along with this set, and I love the price! You will enjoy healthy, fresh frozen desserts for you and your family over and over again. This is a must-have for every kitchen!! – Mom of Three




Friday Faves

Hello and Happy weekend! Our Friday Faves this week come from fans that were a bit skeptical of Yonanas, but after trying it they LOVE it! We love to hear how many delicious treats our fans create with their Yonanas and make their friends and family Yonanas believers too! –Whitney


  • When my daughter brought a Yonanas machine home during college break, I was skeptical. Would it really transform fruit into delicious soft-serve? The answer is YES and I hope she forgets to take the machine back to college. As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I am always looking for new ways to incorporate 0 point fruits and veggies into my diet. I love how I can create tasty desserts with 0 points with this little gadget. Clean-up is a breeze too. So far I have tried combinations with banana, pineapple, strawberries and raspberries. All were fabulous. For an extra treat add mini chocolate chips or a few chopped nuts. It is a must-have gadget. LOVE IT!- Betsy
  • I was skeptical about the what the consistency of the fruit would be like, but the bananas came out creamy and delicious. We also purchased whole frozen fruit (strawberries and 1/4 peaches) in bags and splashed cold water on them (to remove the ice) before putting them in. The result was a fresh sorbet that my wife loved. When mixed with the bananas it was amazing. Probably the most impressive part is that my two boys (5 and 3),who are very picky eaters, LOVED the ice cream. It felt good knowing they were so into a healthy frozen snack that they thought was ice cream.- Chris
  • I just got this tonight and was skeptical. I froze the bananas overnight, and found that I had to let them thaw out for 5 minutes before using. The consistency that came out of the machine was great and exactly the same as the ads. I love it. It was easy to use, tasty, very fluffy and creamy-like. The clean-up was easy. – Sean



Friday Faves

Happy Friday and Happy New Year to all of our wonderful fans! We hope the New Year has found you happy and healthy. 2012 was such an amazing year for Yonanas and we look forward to an even more exciting 2013 with all of you! Our Friday-Faves this week come from some health conscious fans who use Yonanas to enjoy frozen treats and increase their fruit intake. –Whitney


  • This thing rocks! Toss in a few chunks of frozen fruit and out comes a wonderful delight. This morning I tossed in a half of a banana a handful of strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, and another half of a banana. What I got in return was a healthy treat that was second to none. Clean-up is a breeze too! This would make a great gift for your health conscious friends and family.- Craig
  • Wow! It’s a life saver. If you care about your health, then this is a machine you should not live without. It’s so easy to use. And you will be impressed with the results. So far I’m using this every single day. I cannot believe how fruit can feel and taste exactly like ice cream. NO GUILT. I wish I had this growing up as I have always had some lactose issues and this is the answer. My favorite is to use bananas, raspberries then sprinkle nuts on top with a little chocolate syrup. High Carb, low carb & protein = balance meal….which keeps glucose from spiking. How brilliant is this machine. I ‘m eating all my fruit and more – without thinking about it. This is brilliant.- Bev
  • This is the best thing I could of ever came across at this point in my life, I started Weight Watchers a while back and have had trouble getting all my fruit in, this makes it feel like I am having a special treat every night now. So compact and easy to care for, completely comes apart for easy washing, and the price is the lowest I have seen anywhere. Thanks.- Nancy