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Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Weekend!! Every week our fans blow us away with overwhelming support and praise! This week our Friday Faves come from some fans who have kids asking for Yonanas instead of ice cream! We are so happy to hear how many kids are enjoying delicious healthy treats and increasing their fruit intake thanks to Yonanas!


  • Just got the Yonanas maker yesterday and the kids have already asked for me to make it 2x today!!! Normally they ask for ice cream but now they are asking for fruit!!! It is small and compact and looks perfectly fine on the counter. Great way for kids to eat fruit plus it’s quick and easy to wash. We love it!!! – Samira W.


  • I love my Yonanas ice cream maker. I love it best because it takes less than 20 seconds to put the fruit in to get it into my bowl ready to eat. To clean, just twist off a few things, rinse, and it’s done. I dread cleaning up appliances that make messy things. But I was pleasantly surprised when it took me 30 seconds to rinse it off and be done with it. It’s just a super easy machine that produces a great product. My kids love it and so do I. –Ashley W.


  • This was surprising tasty and simply to use and clean. The desserts were really well liked by our kids and they enjoyed being able to help make it and customize their own flavors. It was also much more filling than traditional ice cream and didn’t melt like traditional ice cream…one of the girls was able to sit with the bowl and eat from it while playing a video game for almost 45 minutes without it turning into a bowl of liquid.– L. Brock
Friday Faves

Hello & Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and the kids are heading back to school! This week our Friday Faves come from fans who call Yonanas the best purchase ever and plan to purchase many more as gifts! Have you given Yonanas as a gift? How many have you gifted?


  • One of my best QVC purchases ever! I love this machine and can’t say enough about it! I got this machine about a week ago, and have used it every night. It makes the most delicious “ice cream” that my kids ask for every night. I’ve used all kinds of fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and pineapple. The texture and consistency of it is perfect and is so much like real ice cream. THANK YOU QVC for this item!! Love it! I will definitely be buying more of these to give as gifts. -Noelle


  • Very happy with this purchase! I just used my Yonanas for the first time. I have to say it was better than I ever could have imagined. This machine did exactly what it said it would. It was delicious and healthy. I already convinced a coworker to buy one!! I will be buying more machines as gifts. –Lisa Marie


  • Love this product! This is one of the best products I have purchased. It is so easy and fun. Everyone that comes over gets to try my Yonana. It is so easy to use and clean. I can’t wait to buy this for someone as a gift.- Debbie
Friday Faves

Happy Friday!! We hope all of you had a wonderful week and are preparing for an equally wonderful weekend! This week our Friday faves come from some fans who were skeptics of Yonanas, but are all so glad they gave it a try. We know it’s hard to believe you can make a delicious frozen treat using only frozen fruits, but with Yonanas tasting is believing!


  • Great product!! I was skeptical at first to try this, but I am so glad I did!! I tried it with berries and bananas and the taste was great. It really has the consistency of frozen yogurt but without all the extra sugar and fat. My freezer is now packed with different fruits so we are making Yonanas every night. I recommended this to two of my coworkers and they already ordered them so I am excited to see how much they like it as well. -Glenn


  • I don’t like my yonanas – I LOVE IT!! My husband, too, is like a kid at Christmas. Although the reviews are excellent, being from Missouri, I was skeptical and had to see for myself. I ordered the TSV, which truly was a great value. The scoop is very nice and the recipe book is invaluable. So many yummy things to try. I have been buying over-ripe bananas like crazy, and so far have made strawberry, blueberry, and cinnamon. I’m toying with the idea of making coffee today. This tastes just like ice cream and really satisfies my eternal craving for it. What a great buy! -LV


  • I am surprised the great way this made creamy banana ice cream. Yummy! My husband stood by and watched because he was skeptical. I used 3 bananas and it made a nice size bowl for the two of us. I bought the yellow color, love it. The scoop is very nice and sturdy. The recipe book has great ideas. I want to make the pumpkin pie, but without the crust. Thank you for offering this to the QVC viewers. –Tissy
Friday Faves


Hello and happy weekend! Our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are lactose intolerant. Thanks to Yonanas they are enjoying delicious creamy frozen treats again! We can’t say Thank You enough to all of you for your support and sharing your Yonanas stories with us!


  • Great Dessert! We just got this today. My husband was curious hearing me talk about for a few days and decided to make one. It was fantastic it was plenty for 2 treats and being lactose intolerant finally got to enjoy the ice cream like fruit – Carol


  • LOVE MY YONANAS! I received my Yonanas yesterday and used it immediately. I mixed several frozen fruits and it was just delicious. I am trying to eat healthier and watch my caloric intake and this machine fits right in with that concept. It worked great and the clean-up was easy and I don’t have a dishwasher :-). Great replacement for ice cream, especially if you are lactose intolerant like me. This has become my new favorite kitchen machine. – Pam


  • This product is marvelous. I love ice cream but am lactose intolerant been trying different products to make up for the ice cream this does it. It is fabulous. Have made some for my neighbors and they love it to! – Brooks
Friday Faves

Happy Weekend!! This week our Friday Faves come from fans who have lost weight with the help of Yonanas! By replacing ice cream with Yonanas these fans have been able to enjoy a creamy delicious frozen treat without the guilt! Has Yonanas helped you with your weight loss? Tell us your story below!


  • Yummmm I have been using this for desert regularly in place of ice cream and have lost 5 lbs…love it!!! I could never get my fill of ice cream but making it out of fruit is so satisfying and filling that I don’t have to eat a lot…and I also eat my necessary portion of fruit every day. – Head Red


  • What a marvelous machine. My husband shared 2 bananas and 1 cup of mixed fruit and we felt like we were eating ice cream. I have been very careful about what I eat the past year and have lost 80 lbs. I know very well that I can’t have ice cream in the house because it is a real downfall for me. This was such a treat and tasted so much better than I expected. I look forward to experimenting with different fruits but for right now the mango, strawberry and banana was delish. –Rina K.

Dear Yonanas,
I absolutely love Yonanas! Best. Thing. Ever. Yonanas satisfies my sweet tooth and craving for ice cream or frozen yogurt. I have been a member of Weight Watchers for the last few months and have lost 35 pounds so far, thanks in part to Yonanas. We no longer keep ice cream in the house, but our freezer is stuffed with frozen bananas and fruit. Whenever I feel a craving for ice cream, I just whip up a delicious snack, or dessert, and enjoy! I know it’s super healthy so I feel really good about it. And the weight keeps coming off! I talk about Yonanas at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting so often that people are starting to wonder if I work for your company! LOL!

I’m so excited about Yonanas that I’ve recommended this product to many people over the last couple months and at least 10-15 friends and co-workers have purchased it for themselves. And they all love it! One friend’s husband is even having a “Yonanas” party at his office this week!

So, in short, I’m very thankful for this product and love how Yonanas has positively affected my family in encouraging us to not only enjoy “ice cream,” but make healthy choices.

Thank you! – Kristie T.

Friday Faves

Hello & Happy Friday to all of our fabulous fans! We hope all of you are staying cool during this heat wave with delicious and healthy frozen treats! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who couldn’t believe they could make such yummy treats with only frozen fruit! Sometimes you just have to taste it to believe it!


  • I felt compelled to write and let you know how much we are enjoying our Yonanas.  I really didn’t believe just how good this product would be.  I have been telling everyone who will listen about this heavenly but healthy dessert. – Cindy P.


  • A YUMMY WINNER!!! 10 STARS!! My 12 year old son and I just made our first Yonana treat with some bananas and strawberries that we had frozen a few days ago. Both of us were completely BLOWN AWAY! We could not believe that we were eating 100% natural fruit without any sugars or additives. It was delicious and creamy and we felt like we were being treated to a gourmet dessert that is good for us, too! We can’t wait to get more fruit and make this a daily summer ritual. WHAT A WINNER THIS PRODUCT IS! I purchased the green color and it is as fresh as the treat that comes out of it. – Gina M.


  • WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!  I bought this with low expectations, but thought I would give it a try. I could NOT believe that it worked just like it did on TV, but it DOES. My ONLY problem is waiting for bananas to get spotted so I can make some more.:) I HIGHLY recommend this product to ALL. You will not be disappointed!! – Moimee
Friday Faves

Happy Friday! We hope all of you are enjoying summer so far! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are diabetic. Thanks to Yonanas they are able to enjoy no-sugar added delicious frozen treats! We love to hear what a healthy difference Yonanas has made in your life! Tell us your Yonanas story below!

  • Great dessert maker! I had no problems unscrewing anything. It was so simple. I defrosted my bananas for about 15 minutes, then shoved them down the chute. This tasted so good! A really good dessert for people who have to watch their sugar intake! I also tried it with frozen mango and pineapple. So GOOD!! Just like ice cream. My diabetic daughter is so happy now that we don’t have to search for “no sugar added” ice cream. This little machine is the answer. –Fran V.
  • Where have you been all my life? This machine rocks! My hubby is a diabetic and loves his sweeties. I am always looking for healthy alternatives. The bonus, we will never waste another banana! We are having fun with the recipes and creating new ones. Brought to a friend’s house and made dessert, they were blown away.-Lenster
  • Wow! It really works. I was not too sure about this when I saw the infomercials. I read some of the reviews and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you…it surpassed my expectations. I have made Yonanas almost every day since I got the Yonanas. It works just like it shows and the flavors of pure whole fruit is amazing. I buy bags of frozen tropical fruit, frozen strawberries or other berries and just freeze really ripe bananas. Be sure you freeze them really ripe as it makes them a lot sweeter. Next, I want to try some frozen lemonade and lemons for a citrus sorbet. The unit has a small footprint and does not take up a lot of counter space as we have it out all the time. It is very easy to clean, basically just rinse under hot water, dry and ready for next time. I would highly recommend this to anyone that like sorbet or soft serve. I am a diabetic and have not been able to find sugar free ice cream that was tasty, but with the Yonanas…it is heaven. –Rod M.
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