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Yonanas Demonstrations Nov 22-30


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.


Friday Faves

Happy Weekend Everyone! We have been getting some great feedback and really creative photos from our fans. Keep sending them in! This week’s Friday Faves comes from fans that enjoy finally having a healthy alternative to ice cream. Thanks to Yonanas they can have their favorite dessert without the guilt!


  • Best Purchase Ever! This worked just as it said it would…..and just like the video portrays! Put bananas and strawberries in freezer and made delicious dessert after dinner the next night! So glad we purchased this, such a healthy alternative to ice cream :) –Anonymous



  • Amazing Machine. This is one amazing machine. We are thrilled with having a healthier alternative to ice cream. Since of course there are still calories and the natural sugar in fruit to contend with, we limit ourselves to using it once or twice each weekend. But you do feel as though you are eating ice cream. You have to like the flavor of bananas, obviously, so if you don’t, don’t buy it. Or buy it to use as a sorbet maker with other fruits. 4 good size bananas plus some other fruit (a few strawberries and pieces of mango, say), makes enough for 3-4 people. Easy to use, easy to clean. A winner in my book! –Franniebelle


  • Yonanas is Great. If you love ice cream, but a wanting a healthy alternative this is the perfect treat maker. I do a mix of frozen bananas and frozen strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. Makes a delicious alternative. Remember fruit must be frozen for at least 24 hours. Plan ahead. Easy to clean. It is noisy, but not a big deal. –C. Smyers
Yonanas Demonstrations Nov 15-21


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Friday!  Who is ready for the weekend?  It’s getting closer holiday season for some, and it may be getting harder to resist the treats that come along with it.  This week’s Friday Faves come from a couple of fans who lost weight, but were looking for a healthy way to satiate their sweet tooth.  Yonanas is the best way to enjoy a sweet, delicious dessert and still stay healthy!  Have you lost weight and use Yonanas to keep your sweet tooth happy?  Tell us your story!


  • This thing rocks.  AMAZING…nothing but fruit and turns out like frozen custard!!! Bring it on summer, I’m ready and I won’t ever feel deprived of ice cream, frozen yogurt, etc. again!!” Yummy, Healthy, frozen treats. LOVE this product.  Where have you been all my life LOL!! So easy to use and clean and it really makes me smile every time I use it. I have been searching for a way to get a delicious and healthy frozen dessert without the fat, sugar and calories. I am in heaven!! I have lost 115 pounds which turned my life around…literally, and ice cream has always been my favorite. This machine is wonderful. I know exactly what I am putting into my treat and fruit is so healthy for you. A great way to get your kids to eat their daily portion of fruit. I have tried the banana and strawberry combined (delish) and loved the strawberry sorbet by itself. Going to try peaches, pineapple and mango and one person said apples, so will try that too. You will not be sorry. Have fun making new treats and enjoy. Summer is right around the corner, and the best time for fruit. -Gracie May




  • MY NEW BEST FRIEND!  I absolutely love this product! I have used it a few times and it is the best thing since sliced bread!!!!! I changed to a healthier lifestyle over a year ago and lost 70lbs and this is just what I needed! I honestly felt as if I was cheating on my program & I had to remind myself that its 0 points! Amazing! I have Yonana’d bananas, strawberries, mango & apples! I freeze it and everyday have a cup full! So glad that my husband was watching QVC just before midnight and when I walked in the room he said, “order this now” plus David could sell my husband the shirt off his back! :) You can’t go wrong, it is a 5 star WINNER!!! Oh and cleans up so easy! -Mils


Yonanas Demonstrations Nov 8-17

Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Weekend!!! Well, it’s November and Halloween is officially over. But that doesn’t mean the fun is all over until the holidays! This week’s Friday Faves come from fans who love how EASY and FUN using their Yonanas is! We love when you share your fun Yonanas experience.


  • Greatest invention ever!! We still can’t get over that you just use fruit. Amazing soft serve consistency! Everyone needs one! My family loves it. Fun and Easy to Use! I gave this as a gift to my brother, who does not eat sugar and eats lots of bananas. He wanted to try it right away. Fortunately, I had frozen a lot of ripe bananas, “in case”. We cleaned it off, put it together, and started processing frozen bananas and strawberries, alternating as directed. It took just a few minutes to process three to four cups, which five of us tried and enjoyed. It is creamy, like ice cream. Some of us drizzled hot chocolate sauce over it, which was delicious. For those who cannot eat ice cream, are diabetic, just like banana, or want healthy alternatives, this is great! It was easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to assemble. -SHO


  • WOW, what fun. Couldn’t wait for my machine to arrive, we are always throwing out bananas, now I won’t waste any fruit, not when I have this machine. It works really easy, clean up is so simple, very well made little machine, not thrown together and hope it works kind of thing. I made the banana strawberry, really good, can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes, the book is fantastic, thanks DOLE. I got mine in Neon Green, I wanted a fun color for a fun machine.-LPincarolina


  • This machine is fantastic. My entire family loves it. It is fun and easy to use and easy to clean. It turns frozen fruit into an ice cream like dessert that my children and their friends love. I bought three machines. I kept one, sent one to my daughter and one to my son.
    I highly recommend it.-gord
Healthy Halloween Sweepstakes Winners


Congratulations to all of our Healthy Halloween Sweepstakes winners! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Jayme I.         Opelousas, LA

Jennifer R.     North Liberty, IA

Tammy M.      Spiro, OK

Janet K.           Summerfiled, FL

Margaret I.    Toronto, ON

James R.         Albuquerque, NM

Friday Faves


TGIF!  Thank goodness it’s Dairy-Free…vegans and vegetarians are loving Yonanas as their “ice cream” treat!  We’re so excited to be able to provide a tasty frozen treat everyone can enjoy.  Check out these Friday Faves testimonials from our vegan and vegetarian fans!

  • Awesome! We LOVE our Yonanas! Being a combination Vegan / Vegetarian family this thing is so wonderful. We know exactly what goes in. And the resulting product…YUM! It is so easy that my teen uses it all the time. The sorbet (without bananas) is really great, so even if you don’t like bananas you can still enjoy this machine. -Azlolib


  • OMG! Unbelievable! Just delivered fortunately I had frozen fruit in anticipation. Just absolutely wonderful. Made banana pineapple mango. Texture was just like ice cream not runny or goopy at all. It was better than ice cream because it was about 100 calories and zero fat compared to 200-250 calories no telling how much fat are refined sugar. Delicious and wonderful way to get more fruit and I would think if you are vegan and missed ice cream boy is this your lucky day!          -Anonymous


  • Happy with the footprint on my counter, not big and clunky. I am vegan so don’t eat dairy and this little gem delivers the creamy texture and mouthfeel of real ice cream! I also never cared for bananas before I had ’em like this! Just don’t use pomegranate seeds, they don’t grind up well. Vegans and vegetarians rejoice!!! -Camiinak