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Friday Faves


TGIF!  Thank goodness it’s Dairy-Free…vegans and vegetarians are loving Yonanas as their “ice cream” treat!  We’re so excited to be able to provide a tasty frozen treat everyone can enjoy.  Check out these Friday Faves testimonials from our vegan and vegetarian fans!

  • Awesome! We LOVE our Yonanas! Being a combination Vegan / Vegetarian family this thing is so wonderful. We know exactly what goes in. And the resulting product…YUM! It is so easy that my teen uses it all the time. The sorbet (without bananas) is really great, so even if you don’t like bananas you can still enjoy this machine. -Azlolib


  • OMG! Unbelievable! Just delivered fortunately I had frozen fruit in anticipation. Just absolutely wonderful. Made banana pineapple mango. Texture was just like ice cream not runny or goopy at all. It was better than ice cream because it was about 100 calories and zero fat compared to 200-250 calories no telling how much fat are refined sugar. Delicious and wonderful way to get more fruit and I would think if you are vegan and missed ice cream boy is this your lucky day!          -Anonymous


  • Happy with the footprint on my counter, not big and clunky. I am vegan so don’t eat dairy and this little gem delivers the creamy texture and mouthfeel of real ice cream! I also never cared for bananas before I had ’em like this! Just don’t use pomegranate seeds, they don’t grind up well. Vegans and vegetarians rejoice!!! -Camiinak
Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Weekend!! This week our Friday Faves come from some fans who were a bit skeptical of Yonanas, but after the first time they tried it they all said WOW! We’re you surprised by Yonanas? Was it love at first bite? Tell us your Yonanas story!


  • Fabulous!!! I admit I was skeptical when I purchased this. But WOW the first time I tried it I was hooked! I have thrown out all my fattening ice cream and switched to this! Frozen fruit comes out like whipped frozen yogurt!!  -Linda H


  • Okay, I’m a huge skeptic but after watching the presentation and reading the reviews, I decided to buy this little machine. I used it for the first time today–had to wait a few days for the bananas to get ripe, and then freeze. I made the strawberry-banana and followed the recipe exactly. OMG!! It was so easy and made enough that I put some in the freezer to save for another day. It is absolutely delicious and tastes as good as or better than the super-premium stuff. No sugar, fats or any unhealthy stuff. I am so happy I went ahead and bought the Yonanas. With the savings over store-bought ice cream, it will pay for itself in no time. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to eat healthy! – Shirley S


  • Surprisingly good! I saw this on QVC, watched the demo and was skeptical. I got the product and immediately made banana/strawberry and wow was it good, creamy, cold, just like soft serve – everything they said it would be. The recipe book is great to give additional ideas of what to make. I have frozen coconut milk (in ice cube trays), added baileys and various chocolate candies to give it extra yum! The only limit is your imagination! Try it and enjoy. You can’t go wrong. – Sydney C


Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Friday!! We can’t say Thank You enough to all of you for your support and sharing your Yonanas stories with us! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are diabetic. Thanks to Yonanas they are able to enjoy no-sugar added delicious frozen treats!


  • I love this product and can make low calorie, healthful ice cream every day. Since I am a diabetic I have to my sugar intake and this product makes that job much easier. It is also much cheaper to use fruits than to buy the high priced ice cream in the diabetic section of the store. – Jacqueline


  • Yonanas is Fabulous1 I am so happy that I have the Yonanas machine. Hubby is diabetic and I have weight issues. In one week, I have made so many healthy desserts that are delicious. Our favorite so far is banana/red raspberry. There are no chemicals in these desserts. Have you ever read a label from a store bought sorbet or sherbet? This will be wonderful for summer entertaining but it’s getting quite a workout now. It’s very easy to clean. I am going to figure out a way to make a tasty chocolate sorbet. –Oak Park Twin


  • YO YO YONANA!!! I recently purchased this, and love, love, love it!!! My husband was even impressed. We are both diabetic and this is just great for yummy desserts, sugar free. -Ciegie
Friday Faves

Happy Weekend! We hope all of you are enjoying the flavors of fall and coming up with new fun recipes for your Yonanas using season fruits! This week our Friday Faves come from fans who are LOVING their Yonanas and planning on buying more as gifts and have already started thinking about Christmas shopping! Have you given Yonanas as a gift?



  • Love, Love, LOVE this! This product is the best invention EVER! If you just use bananas & fruit it is a luscious but guilt free desert. If you want to add a little guilty pleasure to your Yonanas desert do what I did. I did frozen bananas, strawberries and frozen semi chocolate chips. YUMMO! The Yonanas is SO easy to clean too, simple take it apart and rinse under hot water. This little gizmo is NEVER leaving my countertop. I plan on buying several more down the road as Christmas gifts. Love the enclosed Recipe Book too! – Jbellaj


  • Fun & Nutritional, Great party fun too!!!! My teenage daughter and her friends were over the night my Yonanas Machine arrived. I went to the store and bought lots of different frozen fruit- mangos, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, etc along with frozen Cool Whip, M&M’s; coconut, and chocolate morsels. The girls and I had such fun creating different flavors, and there was not a bad result in the bunch. Every creamy treat passed the taste test. Great machine for a party, talk about an ice breaker!!!!!! Do not hesitate on this machine. I am already thinking about them for Christmas gifts. – Liz


  • GREAT!! So Glad I got this! I saw the TSV and purchased spur of the moment. I am so glad I did! The Yonanas “ice cream” is great. Thick and creamy and smooth and delicious! It is so much fun to plan the different tastes and flavors. The unit works great and the banana, mango, pineapple combination I made was delicious. Benefits of Yonanas: It is healthy, Great for my son with a milk allergy,  low calorie, no sugar – great for my diabetic parents, supports my own diet (zero points), saves money since it uses bananas that might otherwise be wasted, my teens LOVE it!  I can’t wait to make my next batch. No issues with noise or clean up. Fantastic machine! Thanks for making a machine that makes being healthy so delicious!! I am planning to get several more of these machines as gifts for close friends and family. –Sun8shine