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Friday Faves

Happy Friday to all of our fabulous fans! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are counting their points. Thanks to Yonanas they are able to enjoy a guilt free treat and feel like they are indulging! Do you count points? Have you shared Yonanas with your point counting friends?


  • Let me start by saying THANK YOU for this great invention. I want to take this time to tell you a little success story of my chapter of “weight watchers.” Awhile back I took my Yonanas in to our meeting to demonstrate and sample. To my surprise it was a great success. Now just about everyone in our group has bought one and uses it on their journey to reach their weight loss goal. I am always amazed how this machine can produce what it does. It is a great treat to have when you are craving something bad for you. The fact that it’s all natural fruit and no fat makes it the best companion ever on this weight loss journey. Again thank you for this great piece of equipment. – James Matthews
  • Love this product, delicious! I made several batches using the recipe book. LOVE THEM ALL!!!! The trick is to defrost just the right amount of time, 10 minutes or so. This is creamy goodness particularly the recipe with frozen cherries and a touch of dark chocolate. Just frozen mixed berries with the bananas are excellent too. I am doing the weight watchers program so all fruit is 0 points! Can’t get much better than that. I buy about a dozen bananas at once and they get spots in 4 or 5 days, no big deal, just peel and freeze, totally worth the effort. Can’t wait to make more recipes, this is such a wonderful addition to healthy choices. – Ohio Girl
  • This machine is magic! I think this is the best thing I’ve ever bought from QVC. In goes the frozen fruit, out comes the most delicious, creamy, product. How does that happen? There must be magic in there somewhere. If you are on Weight Watchers and have an ice cream craving, this is a must have. A no point miracle! From the bottom of my fat little heart I bow to the magician who came up with this product! -Toni
Yonanas Demonstrations June 1 & 2

Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy FREE samples!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at Bed Bath & Beyond stores from 12 – 4 p.m.

Friday Faves

Hello and Happy LONG weekend! We hope all you are able to enjoy the unofficial start to summer this weekend. With warmer weather come more cravings for delicious frozen treats! Thanks to Yonanas you can enjoy all summer long without the guilt.  This week our Friday Faves come from some fans who went above the 5-star rating for Yonanas. How many stars would YOU give Yonanas?


  • OMG!!! THIS THING ROCKS!!!!!! Can we say “a gazillion stars??” This is awesome. When I ordered this from QVC as a TSV, I immediately bought riper bananas and put them in the freezer. The minute it came, I took out a couple of bananas and some strawberries. I let them sit for about 10 minutes before sending them down the chute. What came out was exactly the consistency of soft ice cream and was so delicious you thought you were eating a big bowl of ice cream. My whole family is very health conscious. This machine allows us to have that dessert without any of the guilt. This is all fruit, all natural, no extra gunk or sugar. You know exactly what is in your bowl. I don’t know that I will ever eat regular ice cream again. You know it is a winner when you teenage boys say that they would rather have Yonanas for dessert than real ice cream. I will never be without this machine. And can I also mention the value? The machine alone was $50 elsewhere without the cookbook or scoop. Excellent value. -Bargello


  • 105 Stars! I made frozen strawberries and bananas and it was really like ice cream, just not as sweet, which is better. I can’t wait to try lots of other frozen fruits. I got the Hot Pink and it’s cute. Very happy with this purchase and it was very easy to use. I’m sure we will use this a lot. Quick, easy, and delicious. -Suzy


  • 500 Stars! Since I already own one, I bought this for my sister when it was on special. Next to my Keurig, this is my second favorite appliance. It does a fantastic job, creates a HEALTHY TREAT, and you get a lot of treat from a small amount of fruit. A couple of hints: be sure to let the fruit thaw for about 10 minutes at room temp; and, be sure to disassemble the unit, easy to do, when it is done and scrape the remaining treat into your bowl. The most surprising thing about this treat to me is that it doesn’t melt like ice cream. This is pure decadence without the calories or artery-clogging cholesterol. The inventor of this machine deserves a medal!  –Maggie M


Yonanas Demonstration May 25 & 26


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy FREE samples!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at Bed Bath & Beyond from 12 – 4 p.m.


Friday Faves

Happy weekend to all of our wonderful fans! We are so lucky to have so many supportive fans like all of you! This week our Friday Faves come from ENTIRE families who are enjoying Yonanas. Who’s the biggest Yonanas fan in your fam?

  • YUMMMM YUM! This Yonanas machine was a great hit on Mothers’ Day. I chose to just do the banana and strawberry recipe, the frozen blend was so tasty, like soft serve ice cream, especially for those watching their weight. Everyone enjoyed it and my family will more than likely choose to purchase this item in the future.  It would also make a nice gift. – GrammasChoice
  •  Our family used Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker on Mother’s Day. Our grandchildren had fun helping make their treat and the adults raved about the different tastes. We were surprised how much is made with just a banana and 3/4 cup of fruit. I have some suggestions: If someone can’t finish their treat it can be frozen for a latter day. Another is to make several frozen treats on one day and save time by freezing for another day. Clean up was simple. – Sandy
  • Wonderful Machine for humans or dogs I am so happy I bought this. I use all kinds of frozen fruits. The whole family loves, even the dogs get a treat and love it. The store dog ice cream is expensive and with this I know the ingredients.  My dogs don’t like bananas, but for the dogs I use strawberries, mixed berries or blueberries and they can’t eat it fast enough and 1 of my dogs is super picky! Also my son who said it couldn’t possibly be good as ice cream tried the strawberry and banana and I used only half a banana and 2 cups of strawberries and said mom this is better than ice cream and he is 23! I was so happy everyone loves the creations I can make. I also make big batches and freeze just like ice cream, next day scoop out a bowl let it sit 10 minutes. I will make everything in the book! Tell everyone you know to buy this machine, it taste great just play around with your ratio of bananas and fruits to your liking. LOVE THIS MACHINE AND SO DO THE DOGS!!! Also clean-up is simple I use a spatula to save the stuff that didn’t go through machine into bowl I save every great bit of it then take apart easily run under hot water into strainer, done! Easy! -Rose


Friday Faves



Happy Friday! This week our Friday Faves come from some fans who are sharing their love of Yonanas with their significant others! Whether you’re trying to eat healthier together, save some money or just enjoy a frozen treat together, there are so many reasons so share the Yonanas love! Who do you like to enjoy your Yonanas with?

  • Fantastic! Gave this to my boyfriend and we both love it! He’s always looking for healthy ways to appease his sweet-tooth, and had embarked on a very healthy eating plan…this fits the bill! And for me, who doesn’t love the rich and fattiness of ice-cream, I love the clean, refreshing taste of desserts made with frozen, fresh fruit. We’ve tried several recipes–berries & bananas, peaches, pineapple, with and without chocolate chips, all were delicious and satisfying without eating tons or tons of calories. – Amy B


  • No More Fro Yo! My boyfriend and I would regularly go out for frozen yogurt. This cost on average approximately $6 each time and let’s not forget all the chemicals added into it. So I wished for a yonana machine and it has been an amazing gift. We have made mint chip, vanilla with chocolate sauce etc. It has completely replaced our nightly yogurt indulgences and probably costs about 50 cents a bowl. – K. Baumann


  • Healthy, flavorful treat We absolutely love our yonana. My husband makes a huge batch and freezes it in individual portions so he doesn’t have to make it every night. I don’t miss ice cream at all! My favorites are banana strawberry and banana peach. Great with mixed berries too. I ate very little fruit before-now I eat it everyday. –Sharon R
Congratulations to our winners!


Congratulations to all of our Color Me Healthy Canada winners! We are so excited about the launch of Yonanas in colors, ONLY available on The Shopping Channel in Canada, and loved to see what everyone voted for.  Thank you to everyone who participated. Yonanas is Today’s Showstopper deal on The Shopping Channel  May 10, 2013. Be sure to check it out and order Yonanas in your favorite color!

List of Winners:

Raspberry           Dawn C.

Cranberry            Sherry S.

Lime                      Anita D.

Blueberry            Randi T.

Grape                   Melissa B.

Classic                  Patricia C.


Please note, all winners were contacted via the email address provided in the entry form.

Friday Faves

Hello and Happy weekend to all of our wonderful fans! Our Friday Faves this week come from fans who didn’t know much about Yonanas and were a bit skeptical at first. After making Yonanas for the first time they fell in love with it! We’re you surprised by Yonanas? Was it love at first bite? Tell us your Yonanas story!


  • Yonanas Rocks! I got this for Christmas from my Mom. At first I was like…”What is this thing?” My Mom watched the infomercial on QVC and was sure it was what my fruit crazed boys needed. My boys have been begging to try it. So I bought some bananas and a bag of frozen fruit read thru the directions and gave it a go. The results were delicious! I don’t know how it does it but it does come out like soft serve. It wasn’t super bananaish just fruity. We loved it! Already have more bananas freezing. I am happy to report that this does exactly what it says it does…try it! – J.L. Finley


  • I’m Lovin’ It! I purchased this product after rave reviews from Co-workers. I have to say it has far surpassed my expectations. We have tried bananas and mixed berries, bananas and strawberries and bananas and peaches. All were incredibly creamy and yummy! We have decided to start eating healthier and this is definitely a step in the right direction. As far as peoples’ complaints I have not found any of these to be an issue. The fruit definitely needs to sit out on the counter for a few minutes to have the right consistency. Wonderful product overall. – Julie L.


  • Yoananas Ice Cream maker is great! I originally became interested in Yoananas when I learned it could make an ice cream like dessert without sugar and dairy. I didn’t believe it would taste like ice cream, but was willing to try it since using only fruit was a healthy alternative to ice cream. I was really surprised when I used the machine the first time. The results were great, and I have tried many different fruit combinations, loving them all! I am definiatly going to be using this machine to make healthy receipes. I love it! -Bnnie