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Friday Faves


Happy Weekend and Happy Holidays!  Need a perfect gift for that foodie or health-conscious person on your list?  These Friday Faves reviews come from fans that have either given or received Yonanas as a gift, and absolutely loved it!  Will you be giving or receiving a Yonanas this year?  Share your story!


  • We Love Yonana “Ice Cream” Our daughter asked me to give her a Yonana for Christmas a year ago and she raved about it. We purchased this one and have enjoyed it tremendously. Using frozen bananas as the base, you are limited only by your imagination as to the results. I like the fact that it uses fruit – it is much healthier than the sugar and cream base for ice cream and it is just as yummy. It is noisy – perhaps a bit louder than a blender – but worth it. Well packaged and shipped quickly. –Stephanie H.


  • Yonana…healthy, yummy alternative to ice cream!!  I received a Yonana for Christmas and really enjoy it…I bought this one for my mom. Very healthy alternative for frozen dairy desserts…easy cleanup…excellent way to use your over-ripe fruit. –J. Cameron


  • Yay for Yonanas!  Received as a Christmas gift and may family is totally loving it! My son loves ice cream so this is a great alternative for a healthy snack. –JJO-Love


  • This thing is awesome!  Ok this is amazing. I used bagged frozen fruit and it is so creamy and yummy. Tastes similar to ice cream. I added frozen chocolate chips to strawberries/banana mix this morning. Sooooo very good! I’m going to get some for family Christmas presents.  –DocAmy
Yonanas Demonstrations Dec 19-22


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

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Friday Faves


Happy Weekend Yonanas fans!  For those doing holiday shopping lately, you’ve probably seen plenty of kitchen appliances on the shelves.  This week’s Friday Faves come from fans who have tried using other machines to make our healthy dessert, but it’s just not the same!  These reviewers shared how they prefer their Yonanas machine over other machines to make delicious, healthy, frozen desserts!  Have a similar story?   Share it with us!


  • Worth the $ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I already have a Ninja blender but I feel this makes a better consistency of ice cream out of fruit, plus I feel it is a lot easier to clean. The machine is light weight and easy to store. It is pretty loud when running but since I live alone, that isn’t an issue. For me, this is soo worth the money.  –Jennipher


  • Works as intended.  Used for the first time about 20 minutes ago. I let the fruit sit out for like 2-3 minutes then started to put it in.  After making it I just opened it all up, because as with anything that has blades, things get stuck. I just used a spoon, scooped the bit into my bowl from the blades and from the ‘washers’… then just rinsed under warm water, no mess at all, much easier than a blender IMO.  Don’t expect 10000% creamy goodness, but it is more like 90% creamy… get it if that is what you want, an easy, tasty, cool way to eat fruit… otherwise go spend $200+ on something else.  –Bradley R.


  • Works great!  We love this! We make what we call frozen smoothies with it by putting the bananas through and then other types of fruit like strawberries to make a wonderful dessert. I have added candied nuts, dried fruits and chocolate chips to it as an added bonus. We also made “ice cream sandwiches” using the pureed fruit by using lace cookies putting the puree in-between them and put them in the freezer for a couple hours.
    I can’t say the pureed fruit tastes like ice cream but I can say it is wonderful and clean-up is a breeze; much easier than using my blender. I haven’t had any issues with the machine to this point. The machine came with a booklet with some starter recipes in it and I also purchased a separate booklet.  -Chisholm
Yonanas Demonstrations Dec 12-15


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.

Friday Faves


Hello fans and Happy Weekend!  Another week has come and gone.  Have you spread the word about Yonanas lately?  This week’s Friday Faves come from fans who loved their machine so much; they recommended it to friends and family!  Who would you recommend Yonanas to?  Share your story!


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine!!!  For fat free, sugar free, additive free ice cream, this is the machine for you.  It is as simple as can be. Nothing complicated. Easy clean up. The base is frozen bananas, but you really don’t taste them. You can add berries, pineapple, chocolate. You name it. It’s GOOD! It is a good way to get more fruits into yours and your family’s diet.
    I would, and have, recommended this to anyone and everyone. –D.Holt


  • The Best Ever!!!  I saw this on In The Kitchen with David and was intrigued! I ordered it and think that it is by far the best thing I ever purchased from QVC! It is easy to use, cleans up in seconds and provides my family with endless healthy, delicious and easy dessert options!!! We absolutely recommend the Yonanas Healthy Frozen Treat Maker to everyone. –Richard C.


  • Yummy, Yummy Fruit!  My expectations weren’t very high for this product but was I wrong! The first time I used it I only had 2 bananas and no other fruit, so I used some chocolate – boy was that good!! The fruit comes out just like soft ice cream! I used 2 bananas and that was too much for me, so the 2nd time I used one banana and some strawberries and it was much better! A lot more filling than ice cream! Next I’m going to try pineapple and a touch of coconut. I highly recommend the Yonana machine! I used to use a juicer – no more! Veggies and fruit with the Yonana machine! –West820
Yonanas Demonstrations Dec 6-8


Come try Yonanas in your area and enjoy a FREE sample!

Click here for the Yonanas Demo Schedule at your local Bed Bath and Beyond.


Friday Faves


Happy Friday to all! With the holidays approaching for some, this week’s Friday Faves are reviews shared by Yonanas fans who found Yonanas to be a worthwhile investment, for a very small price! Perfect for the gift-giving season!



  • Great product! Like all-fruit soft ice cream. Makes a delicious, filling, healthy treat. Well worth the price. Even if you’re not diet conscious this is a great addition to your kitchen appliances. –Gary


  • Best Invention Ever. This product is spectacular. I am always dieting but need something a little extra at night. My husband loves ice cream and I am always tempted. This product is a healthy way to satisfy us both. I am going to buy another one for my daughter who has children that will rather have ice cream than fruit. Voila problem solved. Thank you for carrying this product at such a reasonable price. –Southern Panda


  • A Family Favorite. The Yonanas Treat Maker is a great way to make healthy desserts for the whole family. It is easy to use and clean and the “ice cream” is very tasty. The price is quite reasonable. My husband, kids and grandkids all enjoyed the Yonana’s treats. Definitely a winner. -Mindy
Friday Faves

Happy Friday! We hope you all had a great week! This week our Friday Faves come from some of our fans who are diabetic. Thanks to Yonanas, they are able to enjoy delicious frozen desserts without any added sugar! Has Yonanas made a healthy difference in your life? Tell us your story!


  • YONANA! I love this product and can make low calorie, healthful ice cream every day. Since I am a diabetic I have to my sugar intake and this product makes that job much easier. It is also much cheaper to use fruits than to buy the high priced ice cream in the diabetic section of the store. –J.Miller
  • YO YO YONANA! I recently purchased this, and love, love, love it!!! My husband was even impressed. We are both diabetic and this is just great for yummy desserts, sugar free. –Ciegie
  • Yonanas is Fabulous. I am so happy that I have the Yonanas machine. Hubby is diabetic and I have weight issues. In one week, I have made so many healthy desserts that are delicious. Our favorite so far is banana/red raspberry. I sliced the bananas into two inch pieces which causes the banana to thaw enough in a shorter time span. There are no chemicals in these desserts. Have you ever read a label from a store bought sorbet or sherbet? This will be wonderful for summer entertaining but it’s getting quite a workout now. It’s very easy to clean. I am going to figure out a way to make a tasty chocolate sorbet. –Oak Park Twin