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Friday Fave

Hello and Happy Weekend to all of you! This week we are featuring a single Friday-Fave. Thanks to J. Julian for calling Yonanas your new favorite gadget. We love to hear about all your recipe experiments and encourage all of our fans to share their creations with us too! Have a nice weekend! –Whitney


Fun, Delicious, and Healthy

Normally I like gadgets that have virtual keyboards and retina displays. However, this is my favorite new gadget.

I have had this Yonanas 902 Ice Cream Treat Maker for a couple of weeks now. My freezer is stuffed full of frozen bananas because I afraid I might run out of bananas. The Yonanas is well packaged, but easy to get right out of the box and start using. The selling point for me was other reviewers that had written that it was easy to clean. Now that I have mine, I can reassure anyone considering a Yonanas that it is true. There are five large parts that disassemble very easily that are a breeze to clean. Yonanas does not have a large footprint. Its footprint is equal to that of my traditional blender. The only negative is that the machine is loud when in use, but no louder than my traditional blender, so it is not an issue for me.

I have been experimenting with various combinations of bananas and fruit. So far, my favorite is two bananas with a table spoon for chocolate PB2 sprinkled over it then mix it up really well. My second favorite is banana/strawberry and my third is banana/blueberry. In each case it is one banana and 3/4 cup of other fruit. Let your imagination run wild.

For sure, the bananas and any other fruit one will be using need to be frozen for at least two days.

There does seem to be a good bit of soft-serve fruit still in the machine when done. On the last batch, I take the machine apart and scrape out the residual fruit from the cone area and from the blade.

No regrets here and I plan to purchase a couple for Christmas gifts! – J. Julian