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Interview with Stephanie Smolik

We learned there was a woman who was a fan of yonanas and would be sharing her favorite yonanas recipe with Dr. Oz.   Stephanie Smolik surprised us on the Dr. Oz show when she shared her personal weight loss story and journey with viewers nationwide.  We were thrilled, curious, and had to meet her!

Stephanie is truly an inspiration.   It takes courage to set a goal and manifest it.  Stephanie wanted to shed pounds (more than 150 lbs) to make herself physically healthy, but she also made shifts in her life to create the lifestyle she dreamed.  She quit a job she was not happy with and now has her own business as a yoga and pilates instructor, and provides Thai Body work and Reiki.  I love that her website is  The belly has been referred to as the space that creates “energy” and represents “relationship.” It is a perfect representation of this amazing woman who helps motivate, inspire, and teach others to have a positive relationship with food, and to be happy and healthy in their skin.

I want to thank Stephanie for introducing herself, and allowing us the opportunity to witness and be inspired by her journey.  Keep an eye out for Stephanie’s first guest blog, Wednesday, November 16!


What is your health & wellness philosophy?

I believe in Action and Accountability.

Keep yourself active. This doesn’t mean you have to be in the gym 9 hours a day.  Identify what your goal is and find something you love to do in order to achieve your goal.  Is your goal is to lose weight, maintain weight, tone and strengthen or something else?  Find what you enjoy and find the right activity to achieve it.  Maybe you have always wanted to kayak.  Do it!  If it is something you are excited about you will do it.  I do not like walking on a treadmill.  You will find me in a yoga class or walking, but if a treadmill was my option I would have to find something else to motivate me to do it like watch tv while I was walking on it.

You have to hold yourself accountable for what you eat and not blame others or find excuses like schedule, travel, or other people’s  choices.

Is there a diet or fitness plan you don’t  believe in and why?

Anything that says YOU CAN’T.  Anything that says you can’t eat something like carbs or cake.  It’s all about balance and you need to be conscious of what your body responds to.  As soon as you start to label foods as good or bad, your brain is going to want the bad foods just to rebel against you!

What motivates you?

My clients inspire me.  I have to stay on my path in order to share and motive them.  In turn, they motivate me!  I like to see results…feel good in my skin.

Who motivates you?

I have an amazing friend and trainer.  She keeps me going and when I have days I don’t feel like being accountable and active, she reminds me to find what I love.  She pushes me.  I’m also inspired by people  who are active in their senior years.  Jack Lalanne was amazing.  My friend has a professor who is in his 80’s and 5 years ago started working out every day for thirty minutes.  I want to keep going, keep moving like this later in life!

Do you eat yonanas?  When?  Favorite recipe or flavor?

Love to eat yonanas at night.  I’ve been inspired lately to put baked goods through the machine and mix it with frozen bananas.  I just ran a banana chocolate chip muffin and frozen bananas through the yonanas maker and it was amazing!

Favorite Super Hero & Why?

Batman!  Best logo of all the super heroes.  I used to have a batman t-shirt as a kid, and my girlfriend and I used call each other Batman growing up.  He is secluded and private, the opposite of who I am but maybe he could be my alter ego?

About Stephanie Smolik

Stephanie loves yoga and wants to share her joy with Every Body!  Whether laying on her mat, standing on her head or falling on her rear, Stephanie is always smiling and filled with infectious energy.  A full time yoga and Pilates instructor, she offers all levels of classes from beginners to, power vinyasa, gentle flow to yin yoga.  Having released over 150 pounds from her body through changes in her diet, yoga asana and Pilates exercises, Stephanie specializes in offering yoga for every body, and “every belly”, empowering women (and men!) to get in touch with their bodies through movement and breath.

Certified through Pranakriya Yoga with over 200 hours of training, Stephanie is also an Experienced Registered Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.  She has certifications in AAAI Mat Pilates, Childlight Yoga and Conscious Child Yoga, which enables her to offer fusion classes such as YogaLates and Family Yoga.

Stephanie also provides hands on healing through Thai Bodywork and Reiki (life force energy).  She continuously studies with Michael “Mukti’ Buck and has completed over 70 hours of Thai Bodywork training through the Vedic Conservatory.  Thai Bodywork, or assisted yoga, is a fully clothed, head to toe bodywork session that releases trapped energy and increases vitality.  As a Reiki Master, she offers one-on-one sessions to help reduce stress and promote healing, and group attunement for those who wish to become Reiki practitioners.

In 2009 Stephanie began working at the college level, offering Hatha Yoga and Mat Pilates as Exercise Science courses for credit.  These classes provide college students with an opportunity for understanding the yogic path and lifestyle through the 8 Limbs of Yoga, focusing on breathing, meditation and physical asana practice.  Mat Pilates incorporates the Classical Pilates exercises along with breathing and stress reduction techniques.  This curriculum has given Stephanie an opportunity to expand her practice and extend her passion for yoga and Pilates to a larger community.

For more information about Stephanie or if you think these offerings may help benefit you,

Shake your Bon Bons

The company is often asked if you can make extra yonanas and freeze it to enjoy later in the week.  Of course, it only takes seconds to create a delicious soft-serve like bowl of your favorite yonanas recipe, but we understand that it is sometimes easier to just make extra and scoop later!

When I was asked to create holiday recipes I tried to create healthy treats that were simple and fast.  That is when the customer request to make extra yonanas popped into my head.  Why not create your favorite yonanas treat (maybe Strawberry or Blackberry Vanilla Bean), freeze it in a storage container, and then scoop out and drizzle with chocolate and top with nuts?   It looks fancy and it’s simple to create.  After enjoying a couple of these yummy and healthy treats you should feel great about shaking your bon bons this holiday season!

For the PB&J YonanBonBons double the Peanut Butter & Jelly yonanas recipe below.  Freeze in a container and let thaw a few minutes before using an ice cream scoop to shape bon bons.  Drizzle dark chocolate over the top and sprinkle chopped peanuts before the chocolate solidifies.  To help hold the round shape, scoop the yonanas into a cupcake paper liner, drizzle chocolate and refreeze.  Remove paper to place on a platter to serve.

(note: you can purchase chocolate sauce that solidifies instantly if you prefer)


2 frozen over-ripe bananas, 3⁄4 cup frozen mixed berries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, 1 tbsp room temperature peanut butter.

1. Insert one frozen banana
2. Add 3⁄4 cup mixed berries
3. Insert second frozen banana
4. Insert 1 tbsp peanut butter into chute

Stir in bowl to combine.