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Friday Faves

Happy Friday fans! Thank you for sharing your Yonanas reviews. We love to hear from so many people enjoying Yonanas. Here are some of the kind notes we got this week from fans enjoying natural, healthy, delicious frozen treats while saving money too. Have a great weekend everyone!


  • No sugar, no cream and no ice, what could be better?! My favorite is banana and lime zest and banana and cantaloupe. Believe it or not that combo is excellent! It takes less than a minute to fix. Yes it is not soft serve tasting as the fast food places but think about it do you want all the questionable ingredients they add to the soft serve ice cream or do you want ALL NATURAL fruit that is stepped up a couple of notches and tastes amazing? It does come out a creamy texture and if the bad reviewers paid attention to the directions maybe it would have tasted better.”- Maranne


  • 2-year-olds are fussy eaters. One of my twins, LOVES ice cream. I do not give it to her often. She hates the texture of fruits and veggies. Well, Yonanas fixed all of that! She cheers “I cweam! I cweam Mommy!! Happy!” I am in love with Yonanas myself! LOVE ice cream! It is my down fall. :0( I have thrown out so much fruit over the years, never again. I hate wasting money. I prefer fruit UNDER ripe. So a lot of food has been trashed. Well, now I freeze it and don’t waste money on ice cream! Better for me and my budget!!!! -Heather W.


Friday Faves

Hello and happy weekend! We continue to be so grateful for all of you and your supportive e-mails. This week we received a lot of comments about how Yonanas has helped our fans with weight loss. Thank you so much for sharing your success stories! -Whitney


  • My family loves Yonanas.  We are all ice cream lovers, and Yonanas lets us satisfy that craving for cold sweet treats in a much healthier way. I have lost over 30lbs with the help of Yonanas! So thank you very much! -Gail C.


  • I just want you to know how much I truly love your yonana machine.  It took me a long time, but I lost over 90 pounds the old fashioned way.  Maintaining is a struggle, BUT, I absolutely love yonanas!!!!!  It makes me feel like I’m having a real treat and getting my fruits at the same time.  I have only been eating the banana/raspberry and or strawberry so far and will be trying lots of other fruits. THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT INVENTION!!!! -Adela E.


  • I love Yonanas. It gives me such a feeling of satisfaction to make a Yonanas treat for my grandchildren and their friends. It is so healthy. I feel like I’m helping in the war against childhood obesity. My husband and I had one last night with pineapple, peach and mango…yum.- Rosemary
Friday Faves

Hello and Happy Friday! We wanted to share some of the best comments we received with all of you! We just love to hear how Yonanas has helped you and the difference it has made in your life. Thank you everyone for sharing your wonderful stories. Have a great weekend! – Whitney


  • AMAZING! I’m on Weight Watchers and I LOVE ice cream and our leader brought this in to show everyone. I went and bought it the same day. I am in LOVE with this and I think it’s seriously one of the best inventions ever. The consistency is amazing and it’s just so good! You won’t regret getting this. -FrozenSight


  • I purchased this item hoping it would be a fun way to create healthy treats that my granddaughter could not only enjoy participating in but eating as well. I was not disappointed. The bananas make the desserts surprisingly creamy and we like to add some mint chocolate chips or peanut butter chips! My husband likes just the plain fruit which comes out like a sorbet. Now, if you think this is going to be exactly like ice cream, I’d recommend going to the store and buying the fatty, unhealthy stuff. But if you want to create tasty, healthy desserts that are creamy and yummy. Give this item a try! -JesseMommy


  • I love this new appliance and I’m not usually one to buy a lot of gadgets for the kitchen. I have a high-end blender but making sorbets is too messy with it. This works great and is so easy to clean! The desserts are amazingly creamy. The recipes from the booklet that I have tried are yummy. Very low-calorie, low-fat, and a natural way to have dessert at home. Yum!” – BeachGirl14


Friday Faves

Hello and happy weekend to all of our fans! We hope this week moved as quickly for all of you as it did for us. Here are some of our favorite comments we want to share with all of you. Have a great weekend! -Whitney


  • WOW!! I just tried out my new Yonanas machine and it’s amazing! Just like soft serve ice cream. I made banana, strawberry and pineapple. Delicious! Even my husband couldn’t believe it and he’s an ice cream junkie. Very tasty, Healthy too! Great invention!!- Roanne


  •   Love, Love, Love Yonanas! I got my machine last week and have been making a Banana and Mixed Berry Pie with Graham Cracker Crust ever since. I top off each slice with a dollop of fat free Redi Whip and I have a delicious frozen dessert for only 3 weight watchers points. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes in the book that comes with it. No more ice cream cravings in my house. Clean-up is really easy and the unit is compact and easy to store. I love this machine.” -Lettie


  •  UNBELIEVABLE! It’s like frozen, creamy yogurt or sorbet when I use bananas. I have tried with strawberries and bananas and delicious! CAN’T WAIT to try mint chocolate frozen chips in it! Like others I got it to replace my ice cream addiction and to help me lose weight! I think this will do it. I use 3 bananas and let thaw 5 or 10 minutes before I make it. I get 2 TBSPs of yonanas when I open the parts to clean, so I add those to my bowl, NONE is wasted. EASY to clean, and I’m horrible about wanting to clean food processor, etc. I hope the machine lasts a LONG time!” -Plume