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Friday Faves


The weekend is here and time for our Friday-faves from this past week! We have had some hot weather here, make sure to stay cool with some yonanas! ENJOY – Candice


I just bought a Yonana 2 days ago…went to supermarket..stocked up on fresh fruit & froze it overnight. I was skeptical about the Yonana because I really didn’t believe it could be so good. Well I just made my first Yonana with simply just bananas & berries..Oh my gosh…Im in love! I just ate 2 bowls and kept say “I can’t believe this is just fruit”! This is delicious!!! I’m gonna go and purchase another one as backup because I wan’t this Yonana for the rest of my life! My husband wouldn’t buy it for me because he said I would never use it…I made him a bowl & he loved it! I’ll be using this everyday!! – Di


My kids and I love this Machine! We used it for the first time this afternoon and are thrilled with this purchase! We haven’t tried it with Bananas yet but it made deliouse Strawberry and Blueberry soft serve. The kicker is, I can’t get my kids to eat Blueberries and they loved this! Maybe I can get them to eat mangoes and other fruits they don’t normally like :) Thumbs up and I would definitely recommend this machine. – Emmie


I love my yonanas! I gave up ice cream since I puchased this. I love that they give you a recipe book with it but I have tweeked it a bit by adding a small cup of yogurt, that I threw in the freezer. I have lost weight since I have used the machine…Yes, it does make a little noise, but so does a blender. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Never thought my hubby would give up his ice cream but he has too. It’s dish washer safe but why bother the clean up only takes a minute or two. I love it! – Kat

Friday Faves

Happy Friday and Happy Father’s Day to all of our wonderful dad’s…relax and treat yourself to some yonanas this Father’s day weekend!…ENJOY!  – Candice


Oh My God!!!….Just bought Yonanas yesterday and used it for the first time tonight. I am in love…..Total yumminess…..I cannot wait to buy some more fruit and make another treat this weekend. The girls at work were like…let me know how it works, etc…….I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow and tell them what happened in my house tonight…..My husband and I sitting on the couch eating homemade wicked healthy softserve!. Thanks so much…..I will be eating healthy and yummy for a long time! – S. O’Donnell


I can’t thank you enough. Not only does your company make an excellent product, your customer service is exemplary!  I hope to see the yonanans on the market for years to come.  It is a healthy alternative to ice-cream.  I LOVE IT!  Kind regards – F. Weigelt


Wow – Thank you! My husband has lost 60 pounds since November exercising and following a diet plan.  He loves dessert!  Someone gave him the yonanas machine for Chanukah, and it was the best gift he got!  He can actually eat this guilt-free dessert. And I am sort of a naturally healthy eater, so this machine has become one of our favorite gadgets. Thank you – C. Feldman

Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone!  Thank you for all of the wonderful comments this week! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend! – Candice


This one I received this week in the mail…what a wonderful letter!

I am writing to tell you that you have created the best product ever!  I am so happy with my Yonanas machine – it is so easy to use and frankly, just amazing! I absolutely love eating Yonanas because it’s delicious, healthy, natural, versatile, and it just makes me happy!  I really feel uplifted after having a bowl.  Really, you could be nominated for a Nobel Prize for this invention.  It is truly the greatest thing to come along in the world of healthy eating.  If I were stranded on an island and could only bring one machine, I would definitely bring my Yonanas!  This invention has made my life happier and healthier.  For so long I stayed away from ice-cream because I didn’t want all the extra fat or artificial ingredients.  Now I have something way better!  Thank you so much! Sincerely – R. Riley


I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found your Yonana maker. I just had a baby ten weeks ago and found out that she had a severe milk allergy and since I am breast feeding and a dairy-a-holic I was heartbroken. At about four weeks I was ready to throw in the towel and switch over to formula because I was having a hard time without ice-cream. My sister had the same issue with her child three years ago. One night she was watching TV and immediately called me. She suggested the maker and I didn’t really believe it was really going to fill the massive sweet tooth that I had but I went and bought one anyways. I was so wrong. Your yonana maker has changed me. Even when I am done breast feeding my little one I will continue to use my Yonana maker because it is fantastic. Oh, and besides being delicious I have lost 33 pounds in the last ten weeks which I would have never been able to do without your machine. Thank you and I hope your machine makes it to every house in America. – S. Conrad


I have been to your facebook page and entered the contest also sent a copy to all my friends on facebook.  I couldn’t wait to win one, so I bought it…I am 74 years young and love ice-cream, but I am lactose intolerant and I am on a gluten free diet.  Fruit is a very important part of my daily intake.  Also, I have always been referred to as Yo-Nana by all my grandchildren…so there you have it!  Thanks again!  – Jeannette aka Yo-Nana