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Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! With the weather warming up it is a perfect time to enjoy some Yonanas and read our wonderful comments.  Have a great weekend and Enjoy – Candice


We did a yonanas station for our teachers last week for teacher appreciation.  They loved it, and I am sure I sold at least 10!  One teacher has a child with dairy allergies, so she said this was a great choice for her family!  – C. Woods


Never imagined the Yonanas would create such delicious and healthy deserts! A couple of friends dropped by and we whipped up desert in no time flat. Clean up is a snap! We have had it for about a week and can hardly wait to try more of your wonderful recipes. – BJ


I was skeptical like everyone else–and then completely overwhelmed by how good the ice cream was and how easy the machine is to use. I have everyone try it, and three family members have gone out and bought one after trying ours. My kids love this! They think they are getting a special treat and I have the peace of mind knowing it is healthy for them :) I cannot recommend this enough. We are making our own recipes all the time and look forward to our dessert every night. This was great for my nephew who has milk allergies and never gets ice-cream; now thanks to Yonanas he gets ice-cream too! – Grimm


Friday Faves

Thank you for all your wonderful comments!  Everyone have a relaxing and great weekend…ENJOY! – Candice


Our whole family was shocked how WONDERFUL this product is!!! You would think you were eating the creamiest ice cream ever!!! This is one fantastic idea!!!! It is sooooo creamy and tasty!! I can’t wait to freeze a ton of bananas. I read the other reviews and have no idea what they did wrong if they were not pleased. It is no noisier that any other motorized appliance that I own and it was super easy to clean. I think it is one of the best inventions I have ever purchased. I am buying one for my Aunt for Mother’s Day!!! I highly recommend it!! It is a delightful way to eat your fruit!! – Krissy K.


I teach cooking classes and have written a popular cookbook. I have owned several Vita mixes and other high-powered blenders over the years. But nothing works quite like this. It really tastes like soft serve ice-cream, without all the junk. Used mixed berries and the taste was amazing. I really didn’t expect there would be such a difference in taste and texture from a blender or food processor, but there is. Some people have written worrying about part replacement, but quite frankly, I just paid $8 for a large smoothie at a franchise restaurant last week. So with your 20% off coupon, 5 restaurant smoothies will pay for a Yonanas! And so much healthier using real fruit! Easy to clean, too! – EatVegan4dollarsaday


We received the Yonanas a few weeks ago and are perfectly satisfied! I prepped before it came cutting my bananas into quarters, kiwis the same, pineapple into chunks and even froze grapes! I bought some frozen peaches (until they come into season), cherries and mixed berries. I put all of my choices for that session onto a small plate and let them partially thaw as recommended. I then layer each of the fruits so that I don’t get just one flavor at a time. The machine is a little noisy, but no worse than my hot air corn popper and the clean-up is easy. A great way to get non or only occasional fruit eaters to get the benefits of a multitude of fruits at one time! Since I can’t process dairy, this is a life saver for me! – G. Cork


Friday Faves

With Mother’s Day this weekend, remember to treat your Mom right!  One of our yonanas fans wrote in and was thinking of buying a yonanas for her Mom and her sister for Mother’s Day…what a wonderful gift idea!  I wish all the Mother’s a very happy Mother’s Day and remember to relax and enjoy a bowl of yonanas on your special day…you deserve it!  Have a great weekend! -Candice


Love, love, love this machine!!! I have severe GI problems and can only eat a few things. I can’t believe how well this works – the consistency is unbelievable. No longer have to miss my ice cream and I’m getting so many great benefits from the fruits. I would never eat this much fruit by itself and no longer have to worry about fruit going bad since I freeze it as soon as it comes in from the store. Saves money too! Thinking of buying a machine for my mom & sister for Mother’s Day!!! – Hope M.


OMG! Bought my first yonana maker 2 days ago after finding the sticker on my banana and can honestly say I AM IN LOVE!!! I read all the reviews, pros and cons and let me say the PROS outweigh the cons! The only “con” I found was that there was not a big bright sticker warning you NOT TO LICK THE PARTS! (Where the fruit stuck on the blades) Didn’t cut myself but realized I was lucky because I was lapping it up like a dog on a 40 mile desert walk! I will be purchasing 4 more – one for each of me nieces and nephews families!!! I have also been telling all my “friends” on Facebook and “Beyond Diet” how great this is!!! Can’t wait to get home tonight and have another serving of fruit! – Judiann B.


Love your machine, we had an enormous fruit basket from Edible Arrangements, froze the leftovers and made the best sorbet ever! – Paully R.


Friday Faves

The weekend is finally here and it is that time again to share some of our favorite comments from this past week! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend…enjoy!-Candice


This is the best purchase I have ever made!! Not only does it help me to make my way through our continual crops of bananas, but it also has my 9 year old eating bananas, and he has not eaten a banana in 8 years!! Everyone should own one of these, love it to bits! – Michelle M.

I take my yonana with me to get togethers so others can see what a wonderful product this is…not to mention healthy.

Needless to say, my friends and family are now getting yonanas for themselves. I look forward to seeing what other products your company will develop! If you ever need a tester for your product, count me in. I am VERY impressed. Thanks for everything -Gabriela A.

This is amazing, I love it so much I am buying another one for back up!!! The triathletes in my house can’t enough especially in the hot Okanagan summer! Great for weight loss too as it is extremely filling and NO ADDED JUNK!!! Thank you! – Deborah C.

OMG! This is the one machine I own that has never seen a cupboard! It lives on the counter and gets daily use. I’ve convinced eight of my friends to get one and have given four as gifts. This should be the wedding gift of the year! – Val S.