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Friday Faves

We hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and are looking forward to a happy and healthy New Year! We thank you for your continued support in 2012 and look forward to hearing how Yonanas is helping you Get Healthy in 2013! Our Friday Faves this week feature fans who were skeptical of Yonanas but are now believers! Do you have a Yonanas story to share with us? We’d love to hear it! -Whitney


  • I saw this on Dr. Oz. It makes the great healthiest snack. Frozen fruit, is all you need and you don’t need a lot, two bananas and four strawberries make a sweet treat for 2. If you don’t want the calories use more strawberries. You can’t beat it. It will STOP a sweet tooth. Let the fruit set out for 10 min before using. So worth the money.- Fitnessnut




  • I was very excited to get this machine because I’ve been on the Paleo diet for about 8 months now. The Paleo way of eating excludes dairy, among other things, and this is the perfect answer to my ice cream cravings. I was a bit skeptical of the consistency of the ice cream, but the banana’s natural creaminess really makes the difference. I have not yet tried other frozen fruit, but I suspect they will have a consistency more like a sorbet. Do heed the instructions of letting the bananas thaw somewhat. It makes pushing them through the machine a bit easier. My daughter, who is 11 and prides herself as a foodie, loved it. That’s a test right there if it passes muster with an 11 year old. – SzeBreeze
  • I love this machine! I had heard of Yonanas before, but thought of it as something for moms trying to get their little ones to eat bananas, more fruit….OH MY STARS!!! I wish I had ordered this so much sooner!!! It does what it says — IT MAKES BANANAS INTO ICE CREAM…OK, it is not really ice cream, but it is so creamy, so yummy, so sweet…it is almost better than ice cream because it is FRUIT!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! HEALTHY!!! I have made a permanent space in my freezer for bananas so that I can be ready for Yonanas every day!! Buy this, you won’t be sorry. I tried a few different fruits, peaches and strawberries – both were great, but the bananas are the bomb! – Linde



Friday Faves

Happy Weekend! We hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday season with family and friends. Our Friday Faves feature some ice cream lovers who say Yonanas cures their ice cream cravings! We love to hear how Yonanas has made a healthy difference in your life. Tell us why you love Yonanas! –Whitney


  • This may be my favorite Amazon purchase ever. Once I figured out how to take apart the pieces that needed to be cleaned, I am able to make delicious, healthy desserts easily. I’m not even a huge fan of bananas, but the bananas make a great, creamy base for the final product. It is a delicious, easy way to get fruit into your diet. Ice cream is my weakness and I wanted something to quell those cravings. This is it. I do recommend immediately cleaning the machine after use. And when freezing the bananas, make sure to peel them first.- Amazon Fan


  • We have used it so much since we bought it. So far I’ve bought five for gifts and myself. It will be so nice to have for the summer when ice cream is so appreciated. I love the healthy way to have desserts.- Judith


  • I enjoy shoving all my fruit through this monster! It tastes good and makes me feel good because I know that I’m eating super-duper healthy in ice-cream-like form. It’s so good that it kind of feels criminal –Mary Grace Ann


Yonanas Demonstrations December 18 -28
Friday- Faves

Happy Friday! It’s hard to believe how quickly this holiday season is flying by. It will be 2013 before we know it. Our Friday Faves this week come from a group a fans who are all counting points and enjoying their desserts guilt free!


  • The dessert that this machine makes is so incredibly YUMMY! I follow the Weight Watchers program and I LOVE fruited ice creams but they are too many WW points. I made black cherry yonanas this summer (black cherries and bananas, frozen…that’s it) and as I was eating it I couldn’t believe how great it tasted and how much it “felt like” ice cream! ZERO POINTS! I do find that I have to allow my frozen fruit to sit out about 5 minutes and it makes the perfect consistency! I’ve recommended this product to all my WW friends!”- Deb


  • Using the Yonanas frozen treat maker is easy and fast. From the first use the dessert created was delicious. If using just fruit, zero points plus on the Weight Watchers program is a big added bonus. Very Impressed – Zirkda


  • It makes the best zero point tasty treats for those of us on the Weight Watchers program. Worked perfectly first try just like the on-air demonstration. Just need to take your frozen fruit out of the freezer about five minutes prior to using it.- Anonymous


Yonanas Demonstrations December 14-16
Friday Faves

Happy Weekend! Our Friday Faves this week feature fans with little ones who are enjoying Yonanas! We love to hear how much kids enjoy making AND eating Yonanas. Whether you’re trying to sneak more fruit into their diet or just helping them to eat healthier, Yonanas is a great solution. Let us know who the biggest Yonanas fan is in your family. –Whitney


  • My fiancé and I got this as a wedding shower gift; the minute we got it home we just had to try it. We were kind of bummed we had to wait to freeze the fruit but it was well worth it. We used some bananas, strawberries and a couple of kiwi and we all loved it (even my 11 year old picky son)! I would recommend this to anyone who has kids.- Roy and Amanda


  • Have you looked at the price of ice cream lately? We enjoy making our own ice cream substitute, and even the granddaughters like it. When we know they’re coming we make sure we have lots of different ‘ingredients’ in the freezer, and they can choose how they want theirs individually made. Each of them loves to put in their own special treat; the latest is chocolate malted balls. Plan to give one as a Christmas present.- Anonymous


  • Great healthy investment! Outstanding buy! Arrived in 2 days, very simple operation. Easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. Made bananas and mixed berries our first night and our 8 month old loved them. Great alternative to ice cream. – Gamppy


yonanas demonstrations December 7-9


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Friday Faves

Happy Friday! We had a great week here at Team Yonanas and hope each and every one of you did too! Our Friday Faves this week come from fans who tried to make frozen treats from bananas with other kitchen devices, but couldn’t get the same results as Yonanas! Keep letting us know why you love Yonanas! –Whitney


  • This is my favorite thing in my kitchen. I’ve tried to blend fruit in a blender, just icy watery fruit. With this machine, you don’t need cream and sugar and salt. Just bananas and fruit bits, perfection!- Monica


  • I bought one despite a couple of negative reviews because I am on a no-dairy diet and can’t have ice cream, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’ve made “banana ice cream” before using an immersion blender, which does work, but it’s difficult and it’s hard to get out all the lumps. The Yonanas definitely produces a better texture (more aerated, smoother) and goes faster. I don’t have the problems with cleaning it that other people seem to have had. I’ve found that a ratio of 1 part banana to 2 parts other fruit works best – the banana gives you the creaminess without overpowering the flavor of the other fruits. I’m enjoying playing with it to try new combinations. –Lovinmoment


  • What a great way to eat over-ripe bananas! Every week I was tossing at least two. Now I freeze them and make healthy ice cream. Great device for Moms that want to get more fruit in their kids diet.- Babs